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    difference between HRIS, HCM, and HRMS
    04 Mar
    HR Software: What is the difference between HRIS, HCM, and HRMS

    You have just started exploring HR Software and are faced with the terms HCM, HRIS & HRMS. Granted, it's confusing, and you're probably saying to yourself, they all look the same. Perhaps on the surface, they do the same thing and tick the functional boxes, but...

    Employee Self Service
    03 Mar
    7 Ways ESS Employee Self Service Can Help Your Company

    What is ESS Employee Self Service? Employee self service is a feature provided by HR Systems that allows employees to access and modify their own documents, personal details, and role related tasks. It has become common for companies to implement HR Software to provide employees with...

    School Holidays 2022
    28 Feb
    Term Dates & School Holidays Australia 2022 – EmployeeConnect

    Now that Australia’s border restrictions have eased, many families are looking forward to a well-earned holiday. The timing of that holiday usually depends on school terms and that moving Easter public holiday date. To make it easier to plan ahead into new year, we’ve compiled a list...

    Public Holidays 2022
    28 Feb
    Australia Public Holidays 2022

    This is the list of 2022 public holidays for each state and territory in Australia. Public holidays can be different depending on the state or territory you're in. Find what the public holidays are in your state or territory by selecting from the list below. - Australian...

    Learning and Development Impacts Professional Development
    15 Feb
    How Learning and Development Impacts Professional Development

    Why is professional development important? Learning and development plays a key role in the Professional Development and engagement of employees. Organisations that focus on the professional development of their workforce are more likely to foster an environment of high engagement and company growth. Providing employees with...

    brain games for adults, think fast game,thinking skills games,fun thinking games
    24 Mar
    Top 8 Fun Brain Games for Adults

    An essential skill any employee throughout 2022 will constantly be aiming to improve is their thinking skill.  Interestingly, thinking skills may be improved through playing brain games for adults that can help develop, train and enhance the skill. To be more specific, thinking skills encompass the...

    performance management trends
    30 Jun
    Game Changing Performance Management Trends

    Modern organisations have transitioned from their transactional & process-driven nature towards becoming more employee-centric. This exciting paradigm shift has prompted organisations to muster up the courage to try out new things and shake up their existing performance management systems. Listed below are a few performance management...

    personal development objectives
    19 Jun
    Personal Development Objectives

    One of the key drivers pertaining to employee engagement and organisational performance is personal development. In fact, there is a strong correlation between personal development and employee retention. Retaining employees is a major and ongoing concern for almost every employer. That is the reason why Personal...

    sharing goals
    10 Aug
    Does Sharing Goals Help or Hurt You?

    Goal setting can be likened to lights as they illuminate and guide your path to success, clearly marking the various milestones on your journey. Setting goals entails making the optimum use of your resources and set the trail to the closest milestone with the best...

    03 Aug
    Sample Questions for an Employee Self-evaluation

    Employee self-evaluation process is an integral part of performance development planning process in every organisation. This process engages and involves the employees of an organisation and closely monitors their performance. The employee self-evaluation process acts as a precursor to the effectiveness of the one on...