EmployeeConnect Pro - Highly Configurable HRIS
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Highly Configurable, Flexible & Delivered to Your Requirements

High Value & Strategic HR in One Global System

Staying in control of your business functions is a process, not a state of mind – so why would you stop short of success when it is right in front of you?


With Enterprise PRO from Employee Connect, it is simple to take on an “employee-centric approach” to Human Capital Management. To build this landscape, business leaders must be open to collaboration and new technology, taking a new philosophy to human resources. Our HRIS system is designed with new trusted technologies – a modular solution to ensure HR professionals can get the best from this important department.


This system ensures employees and business leaders are aligned in everything they do. From training and remuneration to recruitment and performance, PRO can deliver exceptional results daily.

Goodbye paper, hello electronic

Tired of reams of paperwork littering desks around the office? Adopt PRO and eliminate manual paperwork for all major HR functions such as remuneration, recruitment, performance, talent and OH&S. Through our industry-leading integrated workflow, employees and managers are entwined in the administrative process through electronic reports and systems – ensuring decision-making is accurate and simple to implement.


With PRO, control is handed back to the HR professional who has easy access to company-wide information. Nonetheless, all teams can collaborate and contribute to online administration – improving workflow between departments and individuals, respectively. Instead of “reacting” to basic requests, the HR department can plan, implement and manage various strategic actions.

Bang – touch of a button

When up against the clock, having access to key company information at your fingertips is vital – especially for the HR department. At the heart of our PRO solution is Core HR that provides both managers and employees with immediate access to employment functions and details.


Improving HR professionals’ ability to respond to pressing matters such as online leave applications, payslips and tax, the entire department can benefit from higher morale and productivity. Stressed employees are more likely to leave than discuss their issues, so make a positive step today to improve the health of your HR department.

Employee Portal

Have network, will integrate

With many businesses facing the prospect of legacy technology, the associated costs of replacing entire systems could seem ridiculous. However, what if we told you that HRPro can be integrated with many leading payroll and ERP systems? As such, business leaders can step up to industry-leading technology without as much as a wink. HRPRo comes with superior tools built in and can be configured to your exact points.


At EmployeeConnect, we want to work with you for the better – legacy technology and all. Our best-of-breed solution is powerful enough to take your organisation to another level while remaining cost effective, smart and productive.

Employee Portal

Connect, discuss and solve

Your employees are an asset, an asset that should be prized, nurtured and engaged. However, if something in this process goes wrong, it is important that the grievance or disciplinary action is noted in the correct manner. Employee Connect’s advanced communications module ensures all issues are documented, reported and protected to ensure the best outcome for all parties.


Bottom line, we make sure your workforce remains engaged, positive and willing to work for the greater good of the business.

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Why Partner with EmployeeConnect?

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