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Multilingual Translation

Go global in confidence with a multilingual HR system

Mutlilingual HR Software for Global Organisations

HR managers who work for multinational organisations usually feel the need to keep track of their global workforce and related HR indicators. Wanting a clear vision of your human capital and having an understanding of its strengths and weaknesses is only natural. That’s why EmployeeConnect provides a pragmatic, cloud-based, and world-ready HR solution to empower human capital management on a global scale.

Turn HR Into a Common Language

EmployeeConnect HR system lets you build and share a common language of HR data which can be used and updated collaboratively by managers, employees and HR across locations. Unify HR processes and strategies to facilitate the development and implementation of an international corporate culture.

green check iconUsers can set their preferred language

green check iconBenefit from automatic translation or set your own with complete flexibility

green check iconMake global HR management a seamless process

green check iconExtract and interpret HR data on a global scale

green check iconReduce geographical distances and improve communication

Advantages of Multilingual HR Software


Shift to Strategic HRM

Accelerate decision making, improve communication and provide information to managers in real-time. A global HR database improves the coherence of your HR processes and allows you to have a better view of your workforce and talent pool.


Break Language Barriers

One of the top challenges faced by organisations when rolling out a system globally is new system adoption. Even if your company operates using a single language, providing software in the native language of its users is important to facilitate technology adoption and make training a smooth process.


Plan for the Future

By implementing a multilingual HR system today, you guarantee the consistency of your HR processes in the event of a future merger-acquisition or an international business expansion. Not only that, but thanks to a global HR system, you can also reduce HR costs to improve sustainability. Under pressure to always do more with less, a multilingual solution can help you create substantial savings using a collaborative and web-based approach for the management of HR transactions and more.


Don’t let the international dimension of your organisation affect your HR performance. EmployeeConnect’s HR technology provides multilingual translation, multi-currency and multi-country features to help you drive a uniform HR policy at the group level.

Languages Available

English, Bahasa, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and more coming soon!

Everything you need to build a world class workforce

Cloud based or onsite, best practice HR processes with with flexibility & control in your hands

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