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Flexible HR Software for Schools & Higher Education

Easy to learn and highly adaptable HR software for educational institutions

EmployeeConnect provides a cloud-based HR management solution for schools, higher education and tertiary institutions, designed to adapt to the specific needs of the education industry. Streamline the process of managing teaching staff, substitutes and other employees from hire to retire using our complete suite of HR tools. EmployeeConnect provides an easier way to recruit, engage and retain high-performing staff. We help higher education and schools optimise their workforce management to demonstrate accountability, improve compliance and increase visibility over their human capital.

Staff Recruitment

Applicant Tracking made simple


Streamline the recruitment process by managing vacancies, job postings, candidates and applications online using one single platform. Create custom hiring workflows to automate tasks and approval requests. Check hiring performance with access to a complete recruitment dashboard and metrics.

Employee Training Dashboard

Development Planning

Assess learning requirements and keep track of progress


EmployeeConnect’s Development module provides the tools your school needs to keep track of your staff individual career goals. Provide decision-makers with visibility into the learning activities and development of teachers and employees. Deliver a high quality education by closing skill gaps. Our HR software helps your identify the right training for your teaching staff and analyse the outcomes.

Employee Record Management

The path to paperless RH


Forget time-consuming paper records by taking your HR online. EmployeeConnect provides a reliable and secure way to manage personnel information. Keep track of qualifications and certifications, emergency contacts, licenses and school’s properties such as laptops and tablets.

Org Chart Educational Institution
Performance Template for Higher Education

Performance Management

360-degree feedback for better employee and teacher assessments


Get a better picture of your institution’s performance using 360 appraisals. Use your own KPIs and metrics and create tailored review templates that fit your needs. Gather feedback from third party such as peers, supervisors or head of departments for more transparent teacher and staff evaluations. Align your school’s improvement plan with your HR strategy by keeping track of employee goals and progress.


Align individual employee goals and KPIs to organisational objectives to support your business strategy. 

Everything you need to build a world class workforce

Cloud based or onsite, best practice HR processes with with flexibility & control in your hands

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Why Partner with EmployeeConnect?

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