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Learning & Development

Assess & develop future talent

Training will rock your world…

Providing a solid learning and development system builds the strength of your workforce, while fostering loyalty in the employees invested with training opportunities. By carefully managing the employee learning process for both internal and external training, you will be better able to determine the best methods of developing your employees.


EmployeeConnect’s Learning Management Module allows you to set parameters of which courses and training providers are available to employees, which helps ensure consistent learning outcomes and makes budgeting a manageable task. You’ll find a single interface for managing learning requests and providing course details to employees. And, when the training is complete, the post attendance section measures course effectiveness through participant feedback and attendance analysis. The Learning module can also be used with the survey builder to develop training tests or pre/post course validation evaluation surveys.

Training Course Administration & Maintenance - EmployeeConnect HRIS

Increase Compliance, Reduce Administration

Manage all your learning assets

Align learning with competency frameworks and build a library of all your learning activities or integrate with existing SCORM compliant libraries. Manage schedules, resources, hours, points and costs for efficient and effective learning. Build a culture of continuous learning by offering your employees the right course for their style and learning preference.

Enrolments From One Screen

Effortless employee learning program administration

Easily manage learning requests, enrolments, waitlists, bulk enrolments, cancellations and withdrawals. Print out attendance register and assess learning from one easy dashboard. Learning module links with certifications and license expiry dates with workflow to notify employees and managers that additional training is required.

Training Programs Employee Enrollment - EmployeeConnect HRIS

Drive Individual Performance

Personalised learning and development roadmaps

Develop intelligent learning roadmaps for employees and linking learning to competency framework across positions and improve individuals and organisational performance. Use gap analysis to assign relevant and targeted learning activities to support performance, succession, career preference and build talent pools.

Everything you need to build a world class workforce

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