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HRIS for Not-For-Profits

Introducing EmployeeConnect’s HRIS for Not-For-Profits

green-checked-mark-12 Most flexible HR software. Adapts to your business needs easily.

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HR Software Accessible Anytime, Anywhere 

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OHS Dashboard - Not-For-Profits HRIS

EmployeeConnect delivers powerful HR solutions that are user-friendly and highly adaptable for the NFP sector.

NFP Insights

Why Not-For-Profits Need a HRIS?

Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisations know best about their long term human capital objectives. However, they need to be equipped with the right tools to help them reach these objectives. That’s why EmployeeConnect provides the latest HR technology to let you develop a motivated, skilled and engaged workforce. Being a NFP organisation doesn’t go against adopting a professional approach to human resources management and the adoption of HR best-practise.

A HRIS to Align Passions & Objectives

Only few professional situations can trigger a passion for work as strong as in the not-for-profit sector. Nonetheless, this enthusiasm does not generally benefit from an optimal support. Without the right foundations and focused attention from management and HR, employees and volunteers can experience serious setbacks and completely disengage from the organisation. Some employees or volunteers, guided by an emotional choice for the NFP sector, happen to single handedly carry missions which can compromise the strategic development of the organisation.

A HRIS for Talent Retention

Maintaining a talented and highly motivated workforce is a challenge very specific to HR. And with the increased pressure from work specific to the NFP sector, this challenge appears even more complex. EmployeeConnect’s HR system helps you optimise the processes that contribute to the mutual engagement of your organisation, management, employees and volunteers in one platform.

HRIS for Not-For-Profit Organisations

EmployeeConnect’s HR Suite helps you manage your employees and volunteers’s information in one central platform that let’s you automate the HR function.

Bring you people together with a complete system of engagement that includes:


Features & Modules

Smart Non-Profit Organisations Use EmployeeConnect

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