Rostering Made Easy - EmployeeConnect HRIS
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HR Management Software

Rostering Made Easy

Cloud-based workforce management software designed to simplify and automate organisational rostering


Easy to use in a clean drag and drop interface

On Demand

Accessible on the go and on every device


Intelligent scheduling to optimise productivity with payroll

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Custom Roster Builder.

Notify and build, at ease.

Intuitively build rosters, shifts, assign roles, and duplicate rosters based on your business requirements and employee availability in a  simple drag and drop interface. Once a roster is created, employees can be notified of their scheduled shifts via text, email, or push notifications, with the option to accept, swap, decline, or bid for open shifts.

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Skills Based Rostering.

Schedule and align.

Use powerful logic to match the right person to the shift. Rapidly align and optimise scheduling requirements by location, role, skill, classification, or work type

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Roster to Budget.

Plan and control.

Plan your workforce with full visibility and control of projected wage costs using our automated shift costing and budgeting to roster management feature.  Manage your wages upfront with real time view of shift costs, against the award or specific pay condition rule sets.

Everything you need to build a world class workforce

EmployeeConnects software enables a tailored solution to meet your organisational needs.

Cloud-based or onsite, best practice HR & Payroll processes with flexibility and control in your hands.

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