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HR Management Software

Employee Engagement

Grow a positive company culture, listening to the voice of your most important asset, your people. 

Perfect-Fit Surveys

We understand that each company has a different story. That is why you can create your own questions and edit our pre-set survey questions to adapt to the culture and values of your organisation.

7 Pillars of Engagement

Measure engagement across seven key pillars: workplace, trust, impact, alignment, empowerment, recognition, and development. Our survey questions library has been created using the best learnings from the science of engagement.


Be data driven with access to a complete engagement dashboard which provides live and updated data. Compare the engagement level of your different departments or teams easily to detect any issue early on.

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Improve Employee Satisfaction

Introduce an employee-centric workplace.

Every week, we send an email check-in in the form of an employee engagement survey that is easy to complete and only takes a few minutes to answer. The tool can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation, depending on its culture and values. Your engagement score is updated in real-time as new anonymous responses are collected. You HR dashboard gives you a breakdown of that score based on the major components of the employee engagement survey so you can spot where issues might lie.

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Nurture Engagement

Measure employee loyalty.

Turn insights into actions with EmployeeConnect. Our HR software comes complete with a suite of modules that allow you to correlate the effect of employee engagement on performance. Our Recognition module involves employees in the engagement process by promoting peer-to-peer encouragements and feedback.


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Anonymous Response Surveys

Learn about your organisation.

There’s so much you can learn about your organisation. But employees can only express themselves freely when they know they are in a safe place to share their opinions. Employee engagement survey responses are collected anonymously to optimise response rate and encourage an honest and authentic feedback.

Everything you need to build a world class workforce

EmployeeConnects software enables a tailored solution to meet your organisational needs.

Cloud-based or onsite, best practice HR & Payroll processes with flexibility and control in your hands.

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