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Everything you need in one system

From Hire To Retire & Everything In Between

Improving productivity with employee management starts with one simple step – what is stopping you from making the leap?


With Cirrus from EmployeeConnect, it has never been easier to strike a cost-effective and efficient solution. This powerful pre-configured, modular HRIS, employee management self-service solution has been designed with durability and strength in mind and can add value to all businesses.


Combining the basics of HR process, policy and content, Cirrus is high-performance HRIS in the cloud that can add an additional layer of collaboration and strategy to your HR department. Be in control, understand processes and manage important tasks with this simple and easy EmployeeConnect solution.

Identify And Develop Organisational Leadership

Leadership continues to be a strength and a weakness in the Australian business community – does your current employee management system allow you to identify potential successors within the organisation? If not, this Software as a Service (SaaS) will make the difference. Track individual goals, create development plans, and develop customised online performance appraisals to paint a clear image of your next leader.


Engage potential leaders with real-time performance reviews – communicated clearly and transparently to ensure maximum productivity and achievement. Why wait for the competition to snap up your talent? Identify, develop, and plan for the future today.

Identify And Develop Organisational Leadership

Recruitment – Save, Not Spend

The fundamentals of recruitment are simple – hire the best talent for maximum return. However, in today’s environment, recruitment costs are simply out of hand – highlighting the value of Cirrus. Become a smarter recruiter with the help of EmployeeConnect. Manage external vendors and advertising through SaaS while also producing applicant tracking and skill searching functions.


Through innovative best practice and reduced paperwork responsibilities, employee management can enjoy higher engagement, improved productivity and most importantly, better quality talent.


At the heart of any organisation is good recruitment – an element that any business leader understands. As such, Employee Connect can help turn a potentially administrative nightmare into a methodical and systematic process.

Training And Development – With A Twist

To develop your workforce for the ever-changing nature of corporate functions, a solid training, development, and employee management system is required. This often-costly exercise may seem like a burden but is an important factor in staying ahead of the curve.


Cirrus helps manage all internal and external learning processes into a simple dashboard, performing skill gap analysis and online course evaluations. To optimise training investment and improve record keeping, insight is required – something that Employee Connect respects and understands.


Align your internal and external employee management processes with performance objectives in a way never seen before. Develop a smart team, driven by the exact concepts that the business displays.

Training And Development
Retention – The Balance of Power

Retention – The Balance of Power

The recruitment table is certainly swayed towards candidates – highlighting the importance of retaining top talent. However, how can this be achieved in a productive and cost-effective manner?


With the help of Cirrus, the HR department can conduct regular online salary surveys and reviews to analyse employee retention efforts and reward top performers. Of course, job perks and benefits can also be managed throughout this system.


Why shell out for new hires when your next leader might be right under your nose? Act smarter, not harder.

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