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Succession Planning

Manage and Retain Top Talent

Online Succession Software Tool to Engage Your Workforce

EmployeeConnect’s Succession module provides you with the strategic tools and the visibility of information you need to manage your talent pool effectively and protect the future of your organisation. Our best-practise succession planning model helps you get a clear understanding of your workforce potential to mitigate the risk of losing key people and skills. Gain comprehensive insight on employee retention, readiness to step-in, performance and much more so that you can take a proactive approach to succession and talent management.

Succession Management Made Simple

Succession Matrix - EmployeeConnect Succession Planning

green check icon   Access valuable talent insight

green check icon   Identify key positions and successors

green check icon   Make data-driven decisions

green check icon   Assess employee flight risk

green check icon   Create strategic development plans

green check icon   Motivate and engage high performers

Understand Retention Risks

Key employees are the drivers of your organisation. That’s why it’s important to understand and measure employee flight risk to identify the people and skills at risk of leaving your organisation.


Analyse Talent Performance

Capture performance in line with your organisation’s strategic objectives and identify a talent pool composed of your greatest assets. Allow peers and managers to applause top talent by sending public statements of recognition to motivate and engage high performers. Equipped with this knowledge, you can effectively channel your efforts on the most promising individuals.


Conduct Competency Gap Analysis

Identify skill gaps and locate the weaker positions and employees in your organisation to form appropriate development plans that create leaders at all levels of your organisation, and leave no one out. Our competency framework also helps you guide the external recruitment process to fill critical positions in the future.


Build Career Path and Development Plans

Enter top performers into an individualised career development program to keep your workforce motivated by equipping them with the skills they need to be effective.

With qualified successors ready to cover for key positions, you improve your bench strength in the event of an unexpected departure.


Recruit From Within

Fasten the recruitment process with internal talent identification enabled. Easily assign relevant employees to their next role and ensure a smooth transition as key positions become available.


Access a Complete Talent Solution

Reduce turnover and costs related to the replacement of high performers. Identify top talent and increase retention with an easy, talent-pool based succession planning software. EmployeeConnect’s leading HR solution integrates recruitment, onboarding and development to make succession a seamless step of the employee lifecycle.

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