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HR Management Software

Employee Performance 

Provide instant feedback and run 360 employee performance appraisals online


Managing talent is all about developing the individual competence of your company’s greatest asset, your employees. Developing competence is most effectively accomplished with a comprehensive awareness of the performance measures of the team.


Identify the competence needs of each job, the relative level of those competencies for the job incumbents and a career path for ensuring continuity of your organisational competence even when these jobs turn over. This competence profiling is linked with the ability to identify training needs and potential learning activities to achieve training and competence objectives.


You can leverage the power of data to make informed decisions that drive your organisation forward. By analysing the data collected throughout the Employee Lifecycle, you can identify trends and exceptions that provide valuable insights into your workforce.

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Performance Management Metrics

Smart goals, smart framework: Align goals to organizational strategy.

Define performance criteria and measure them against objectives. Build a high-performance culture with an organisational wide framework of objectives, goals, KPI’s, targets, behaviour, competencies or skills reflecting the needs of the position and strategic objectives of the team and organisation as a whole. Convert performance into a conversation with coaching, continuous feedback and ongoing development plans.

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Performance Management on Track

All the tools to manage.

Increase productivity by automating review cycles with custom workflows and dashboards offering managers & administrators full visibility of team-wide progress and performance. Quickly identify and drill into goals that are off track offering managers an opportunity to correct. Easily access all reviews and employee appraisal history from one dashboard.


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Drive Performance KPIs

Flexible reviews aligned to your needs.

Create unlimited performance reviews, appraisals, 360’s and questionnaires each with their unique response format, rating, and review period tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation.  Assign reviews to positions, departments or people. Embed instructions and checklists to ensure reviewer and reviewee are on the same page and complete the review successfully.

Everything you need to build a world class workforce

EmployeeConnects software enables a tailored solution to meet your organisational needs.

Cloud-based or onsite, best practice HR & Payroll processes with flexibility and control in your hands.

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