EmployeeConnect Award Intepretation
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HR Management Software

Pay accurately each and every time


Ensure your employees are paid at the correct rate.


Fully maintained Modern Awards.


Build your own work rules.

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Confidently Compliant.

Automate complex award and agreement based calculations with our extensive list of Modern Awards. Ensure compliance, reduce risk, and accurately calculate all of your, overtime,  time in lieu, allowances, penalties and accruals. Our Modern Awards are fully managed and up to date, so you can be confident your award calculations comply with Fair Work.

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Real Time Costing.

Proactively manage your payroll budget by location, region, or organisation unit, with rosters and timesheets calculated and costed in real-time. Interpret unique and complex rule scenarios simultaneously, giving your workforce access to the accurate and real-time data you need to make quick decisions.

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Build Your Own Rules.

Build your own rules mapped to your Enterprise Agreements or specific interpretation of the awards.

Everything you need to build a world class workforce

Cloud based or onsite, best practice HR processes with with flexibility and control in your hands

Not sure where to start?

Contact us to walk you through the options.