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HR Management Software

Shift to Automated Payroll

All-in-one Payroll Software to easily manage daily tasks in payroll, ATO reporting, and workforce management.


Leverage Integrated Workflow ensuring your payroll & HR process works seamlessly with a single source of truth.


Ensure statutory and legislative compliance via STP, Superstream, Kiwisaver and Fair Work rule automation.


Make data driven decisions by identifying trends and exceptions, whilst managing the entire Employee Lifecycle.

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Automated, Single Touch Payroll

Focus on better decision by taking your payroll process to the next level with fully automated processing, ATO reporting and compliance each process.  STP Phase 2 streamlines reporting and saves time by no longer requiring manual reporting to multiple agencies.

HR Software Award Interpretation

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Award Interpretation

Ensure your pay rates, employment conditions, and entitlements are fully complaint and accurate by leveraging our extensive list of maintained Fair Work modern awards. Alternatively, you can build your own Enterprise Agreement, ensuring your payroll is processed against your unique work rules.


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Rostering Made Easy

Step up and away from excel based rosters with integrated shift scheduling. Ensure staff with the right skills, availability, and cost are rostered at the right time across all your roles and locations.

Everything you need to build a world class workforce

Cloud based or onsite, best practice HR processes with with flexibility and control in your hands

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