HR Onboarding Software, Recruitment and Onboarding software
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HR Management Software

Employee Onboarding

Elevating the employee experience right from day one!

Streamline Tasks

EmployeeConnect provides access to their HR Onboarding Software allowing you to structure the steps and tasks necessary to get new employees started on the right foot. Automate low value tasks so that you can focus on the development of new staff.

Collaborative Integration

Even before their first day, new recruits can share their personal information with your HR department by using recruitment and onboarding software. They connect to their user session, complete their details and are ready to go.


Our security system guarantees the protection of personal information which is only accessible to authorised users. Single Sign On allows employees to use their internal password and login to access our solution.

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Automated, Digital Signature 

New hires become operational, quicker.

With EmployeeConnect’s HR Onboarding Software, forms and documents can be completed online. Online signatures allow new hires to review and accept their letter of offer directly from their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. No need to email, print and scan contracts. Employees receive an automatic notification when their agreement is ready.

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Say Goodbye To Paper Onboarding 

Seamless communication, seamless onboarding.

With access to EmployeeConnect’s HR Onboarding Software, most information can now be communicated online, suppressing the need for paper documents. With online recruitment and onboarding software, new employees can access a range of relevant information from welcome videos, or a message from your CEO, to HR policies and documents.


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Mobile Onboarding Ready

Guarantee a smooth integration process.

HR Onboarding Software allows new employees to start completing their HR details even before they have taken their first steps in your organisation. From the moment employees accept their employment agreement, they will be able to access EmployeeConnect to discover their team, learn more about your organisation, and read your company policies and other relevant content.

Everything you need to build a world class workforce

EmployeeConnects software enables a tailored solution to meet your organisational needs.

Cloud-based or onsite, best practice HR & Payroll processes with flexibility and control in your hands.

Join the family today!