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Our Story

The EmployeeConnect Story


In the world of HR software, EmployeeConnect continues to be one of the leading industry providers of innovative solutions. We have relentlessly pushed the boundaries of HR technology for close to two decades – creating a proud and passionate business born from the need to answer questions that nobody else has asked.


We operate on four key values – innovation, ambition, service, passion. We understand that actions speak louder than words and are always looking to deliver a high-quality solution to the needs of our various clients and partners.


With this in mind, it is important to look back at our past and let our history speak for itself. Employee Connect continues to be shaped and crafted by our journey thus far and we are proud of how we have progressed since 1996.


Everything starts with Workflow


Inspired by a 1996 paper on the impact of workflow on HRMS, founders Craig Macdonald and Ron Schroeder identified a massive gap in the Australian market.


At the time, many payroll engines simply didn’t take advantage of emerging internet technology. This meant web based kiosks for work flowing employee facing payroll transactions didn’t exist. Everything was paper or email based.


With vast experience in technological applications, the pair soon saw this opportunity and bootstrapped a development platform to build and control workflow. As a result, the V1 EC workflow engine and Employee Self Service platforms were created as an extension of traditional payroll systems. Immediately popular, these engines became resellers – highlighting the value that the new EmployeeConnect business could offer the Australian community.

Our Values

Our shared values enable us to combine our personal strengths with those of others to make EmployeeConnect stronger, better, more innovative and more successful.

Make things happen

We aim high to deliver exceptional results continuously lifting standards & improving quality. We step up, taking accountability planning thoroughly & include contingencies. Persevere & do what it takes. Create the climate for shared success. Celebrate our wins.


Challenge boundaries

We look at the future through our customers eyes staying one step ahead. We welcome the unfamiliar & dare to do things differently. We find a way. We improve. We invent. We solve. Change is constant. We embrace it.

Delight our customers

We live for our customers success. We walk in their shoes , deeply understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations at every opportunity. We add value, but steal their hearts and minds. We make them feel like they are our only client and encourage them to share the story. 


Heart in everything

This is what drives our beliefs, actions, and outcomes. We are devoted to success with a deep understanding and laser like focus. Quite simply, what we do is not a job. It’s our fire and it keeps us moving forward.

Develop. Diversify. Disrupt


EmployeeConnect soon realised that the HR development platform was in fact the real driver for bespoke workflow driven intranets. Business leaders began to seek solutions that they could build themselves – allowing us to extend past payroll into the full spectrum of HR transactions – the result being the first version of our HR software.


In fact, the rest you could say is history.


From this point, our business has stood strongly and determined in the face of the ever-changing world of technology. As a genuine and proud member of the APAC community, we have embraced these changes to develop an extensive product suite for our current clients and partners.


From our Kiosk & Cirrus SaaS HR software to our Pro and Enterprise versions, we are committed to solving business issues in an interactive, innovative and smart way. With offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, Auckland, EmployeeConnect services over 90,000 users across four continents around the world & in 13 languages – demonstrating the depth and breadth of the EmployeeConnect brand.


Power of our People


At EmployeeConnect, our people are at the heart of everything we do. From the back to the front office, to the developers, marketers, and everyone in-between – each person is part of the EmployeeConnect family.


This isn’t a position we take lightly. We hire people that are capable of developing innovative ideas, but understand we must support them in the right environment. Without these core values, EmployeeConnect could not be the industry-leader it is today.


This process starts with our unique approach to recruitment. While we analyse a candidate’s core strengths such as skills & knowledge, it is our out-of-the-box indicators that make us stand out of the crowd. We look for people with that something special. That Factor in their attitude that screams innovation & passion.  At the same time, we seek those with heart and empathy, and the ability to form great connections with our clients and care about their growth.


We empower our people with enough trust to take calculated risks, undertake personal projects and speak up for what they believe in. They build apps, valve amplifiers and volunteer for charitable causes. Standing out from the pack is a business necessity, and at EmployeeConnect, these talents are highlighted, nurtured and respected.


Recruitment today can be a  tricky process, but with the right attitude, the perfect candidate rises to the top. The dreamers, the curious, those often overlooked are welcome at EmployeeConnect. As long as your attitude is right and you live & breathe our core values, EmployeeConnect is your home.

Setting the standard for workflow driven HR Software, we give you the solutions & tools to connect & transform your workforce beyond the traditional boundaries of HR, with complete flexibility & control…

Culture redefined


An unconventional philosophy is something we’re deeply proud of, you often find us outside the box rather than inside it. Not afraid to go against the grain, our goal is to build a company that fundamentally changes the way that people interact with software.


There is simply no point settling for second best when better is available. As such, we encourage disruptive processes and enjoy working in an environment that is constantly changing, improving and making people think before acting.


Our value proposition, is built on the idea of flow, a mental state where people are fully immersed in a particular activity. They enjoy it, are involved in it and can apply 100 per cent of their focus towards a particular outcome. This is where good innovation and culture is born and nurtured.


Another important element of our culture is radical transparency. With few closed doors, we aim to ensure that everyone is included, involved and gets a say in major decisions. Our shared values & collective accountability enable us to combine our personal strengths with those of others to make EmployeeConnect stronger, better, more innovative and more successful. But at our core is customer success – we are obsessed by it.


Customer success starts with empathy. We engage with business issues, goals and objectives and use our empathy to design forward-thinking processes. Businesses that don’t care about customer success have no empathy, and this is the hallmark of a culture that is on the wrong path.


As such, we celebrate our client’s success (big or small) and constantly carve out deeper communication channels to make these achievements more poignant in the future. This is why our average client tenure is more than seven years.


Simply, what we do is not a job. It’s our fire and it keeps us moving forward…




Why EmployeeConnect?


Our company mission remains to be the leading best of breed workflow driven HRIS in the world. As we continue to set the bar as high as possible, we give you all the tools to connect and transform your workforce with complete flexibility and control.


No one offers a SaaS based HRIS with a business rules toolkit at a competitive price like EmployeeConnect, but this isn’t something that we take for granted. With the support of our clients, customers and partners, we take collaboration seriously and actively work to improve our toolbox of solutions.


In fact, we are where we are today thanks to our clients asking ‘Can you…?’  We’re proud of that!


For strategic visionaries who recognise their team is their competitive advantage, our journey will give you the confidence to reach for the stars. Unlike a traditional provider, we provide HR solutions to craft your own story, which EmployeeConnect will be happy to help you write and shape.

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