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HR Transformation

    Cascading Goals
    02 Dec
    What is Cascading Goals

    Cascading goals is a process in which the organizations' strategic goals are linked downwards (cascaded) within the organization from level to level ultimately reaching individual employees to ensure alignment and accountability throughout the entire organization. Specifically, this means that goals are to be established at the...

    27 Nov
    What Characteristics Recruiters Look for When Hiring?

    In today’s business environment job recruiters are often intensely looking into a large variety of characteristics and qualities that is essential in order to find the perfect match for the organisation. Often recruiters will look for more than just standard job ability and field expertise...

    Retention Strategy
    25 Nov
    4 Key Employee Retention Strategies

    Retaining employees within the organisation has become a largely essential activity that Human Resources (HR) managers are constantly partaking within today. It could be seen that organisations are constantly aiming to ensure that they are looking after and watching out for top talent. Specifically, retaining...

    20 Nov
    The Importance of an Easy Employee Onboarding

    Employee onboarding is the process of introducing a new employee into the job that they are effectively entering. Onboarding is a largely integral stage of an employee’s lifecycle as it is the process of integrating the employee with the new environment they are to be...

    18 Nov
    Why Employee Development Is Important for HR

    Employee development is largely critical for Human Resources (HR) managers to effectively ensure is occurrent. Employee development involves the development, enhancement and improvement of an employee’s knowledge, skills and abilities for usage within an organisation. Businesses essentially aim to ensure employee development is occurrent to...

    Employee Needs
    13 Nov
    10 Employee Needs Important to HR Management

    In organisations today, gaining a constant understanding of employee needs is of top concern to HR management. When HR managers can identify employee needs and effectively meet them, organisational benefits such as increasing employee satisfaction levels, increasing employee engagement and further meeting an employee value...

    Positive culture
    11 Nov
    5 Ways HR Managers Build a Positive Culture

    In today’s competitive business environment, a major determinant of the success or failure of an organisation is company culture. When the company culture is largely positive a respective increase in employee engagement, motivation, happiness, teamwork and retention may be attained. Likewise, when the overall organizational...

    Flexible Workplace
    06 Nov
    5 Ways to Create a Flexible Workplace

    In today’s business environment, it has become extremely critical that managers assess the impact that creating a flexible workplace has on employees. To begin a flexible workplace encompasses employees and managers agreeing to generate a working environment that accommodates the employee’s particular needs to give...

    Maximise Remote Worker Productivity
    05 Nov
    5 Ways to Maximise Remote Worker Productivity

    Ensuring employee productivity is at the forefront of manager operations has become widely common in today’s business environment. This is largely due to the associated benefits that organisations may experience and gain from largely productive workers. Such benefits include an increase in employee focus, goal...

    Job Satisfaction
    30 Oct
    5 Ways to Improve Employee Job Satisfaction

    In modern business, employee job satisfaction has become an extremely important concern that managers must get right and effectively improve. When employees are effectively satisfied with their job within the workplace associated benefits such as lower turnover, higher productivity, increased organisational profits and further employee...