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HR Transformation

    employee goals
    03 Sep
    15 Employee Goals to Become a Greater Worker

    As employees within various business organisations today, the greatest way to develop as an individual worker would be through goal setting. Goals constantly aim to focus individual mindsets and behaviour to progress and develop unto a better state where for an employee, goals allow for...

    flight risk
    27 Aug
    Why Is a HRIS Important to Manage Flight Risk Throughout COVID-19

    COVID-19 further known as the coronavirus has posed a drastically large challenge for HR managers in today’s current business environment. Due to COVID-19 HR managers are constantly being pushed to find the next step in order to keep employees happy and maintained effectively within there...

    HRIS Teamwork
    21 Aug
    The Importance of Teamwork in HR Management

    Human Resource (HR) Management encourages teamwork in workplaces to effectively increase employee motivation and loyalty, best meeting the Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Moreover, employee teamwork encourages a range of increased benefits which includes; increased productivity and efficiency, improved quality and costs, reduced destructive internal competition,...

    HRIS Streamlining
    13 Aug
    Streamlining HRIS

    Human Resource Information System (HRIS) streamlining involves efficiently utilising an automated HRIS to capture important and repetitive information that and stored online to which it could effectively be reutilised and then pushed out into different operational activities (streamlined) at any given moment to speed up...

    Employee Satisfaction
    07 Aug
    5 Ways to Ensure Employee Satisfaction for the rest of 2020.

    2020 has been a largely interesting year so far, organisations have had to deal with new regulations, overcome COVID-19 problems and further adjust to a constant turmoil of change. Throughout this period there has constantly been a common question that HR departments ask themselves. What...

    Covid HRis
    06 Aug
    Why do Human Resource departments need HRIS post COVID-19?

    COVID-19 commonly referred to as the coronavirus has dramatically changed the business environment we operate within today. Businesses are constantly being impacted within a fast paced and ever-growing environment that constantly receives pressures from both internal and external factors that are commonly presented in a...

    coaching employees
    31 Jul
    A Guide to Coaching Employees in a Way That Works

    The work environment is continually getting tougher and more competitive around the world. In the midst of this, companies have found it useful to coach their employees to keep them productive and engaged. To understand how coaching helps corporations meet their employees’ emotional and creative...

    employee engagement
    23 Jul
    How to make Employee Engagement Work

    Job satisfaction is lower than it has ever been in the past two decades. Recent studies have shown this to be true all over the world. Human resource consulting firm, Willis Towers Watson posits that almost 70% of the modern workforce is psychologically disengaged from...

    performance review
    19 Jul
    Scoring Big in Performance Reviews

    Irrespective of the fact of how happy you are with your job, it is guaranteed that you are certainly not in love with your annual performance review process. Performance reviews are usually held at the end of the year when you need to sit down...