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    Technology and innovation
    14 May
    Technology and innovation: Where to next?
    High-performing companies take a deliberate approach to fostering a culture of creativity, imagination, and original thinking – and today’s technology has taken this process to a whole new level.  
    hr tablet
    02 Jun
    The rise of the tablet
    From the bedroom to the boardroom, to the highest office in government, the tablet is radically changing our relationship with technology and how we consume information. Characterised by its flick-of-the-finger ease-of-use, arresting visuals, and eternal connectivity, this devide is rapidly becoming the preferred tool for absorbing, presenting and communicating: but more importantly, it is the facilitating the liberation of staff from their desks, with the ability to work effectively and securely, wherever they are.
    18 Sep
    Future technology trends

    Economic downturn has impacted on HR technology in a number of ways. Craig Donaldson, editor of HR Leader Magazine, interviews our expert, Ari Kopoulos, our National Sales and Marketing Manager, on this topic and what HR can expect from relevant technology in the future. This article...

    06 Jun
    The future of HR technology

    Predicting the future of any technology is a difficult task. Even the most gifted thought leaders in the industry have often got it wrong. But if we consider the factors involved – changing business needs, market forces, and the evolution of the internet – the...