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    29 Aug
    Disagreeing with Feedback

    There's a common misconception that subtly lies within the psyche of employees, that all one can do when feedback is offered during the appraisal discussion is to say ‘thank you’  However, that is far from being the truth! There is no hard and fast rule...

    upward feedback
    20 Jun
    Why You Should Love Upward Feedback

    If you're in a managerial position and you are not getting feedback from your direct reports, you need to change this situation. It's quite important for managers to receive upward feedback because it contains valuable inputs can be extracted into modified behavior, policies & process....

    exit interview
    05 Jun
    Common Exit Interview Questions

    It’s around that time when you have finally managed to submit your resignation & start serving your notice period. You're all set to make it through the last few working days in your present company, bid adieu to your peers, and move on to greener...

    continuous feedback
    30 May
    How to Build a Culture of Continuous Feedback

    Feedback plays a significant role in enhancing the productivity of organisations. According to the traditional scenario, feedback was provided at the time of annual performance reviews. However, such feedback has proven to be ineffective in managing the performance of employees. Any drop in performance needs to...

    difficult conversation
    11 May
    How To Have Difficult Conversations – Tips

    We've all been in situations where we try to put those difficult conversations on the back burner. You know you need to have this difficult conversation and do everything you can to avoid it. Perhaps you a worried that if you do engage, you will make the situation even worse. One...

    psychology of feedback
    25 Mar
    The Psychology of Feedback – Examples

    There are many tools out there today that managers use to improve performance. A powerful tool that many managers often overlook and probably even consider whether it would be a tool itself is, constructive feedback. We will explore the psychology of feedback through several feedback examples. What is...

    Negative Feedback
    20 Feb
    Constructive Feedback: How to Deliver Negative Feedback – Tips

    One of the most powerful tool’s at a manager’s disposal to strengthen performance at the workplace is providing feedback. Positive feedback intends to focus on identifying and reinforcing the type of behaviours which helps in promoting high levels of performance. Negative feedback which is also...

    thank you to employees
    03 Feb
    Constructive Feedback Phrases: 34 Ways to Say Thank You to Employees

    Organisations across the globe are waking up to the importance of valuing their employees, recognising and rewarding them well for a job that has been accomplished well. It has been observed that timely appreciation of employees has helped to lower the attrition rates and increase retention. With increased...

    positive feedback
    22 Dec
    7 Tips for Giving Great Positive Feedback

    One of the most common problems almost 90% of employees suffer in the workplace is a lack of positive feedback. This situation is found in most of the organisations and unfortunately most of the employees have to go through this crisis.  Feedback deficiency occurs everywhere, irrespective...

    360 review
    14 Dec
    How to Frame 360 Review Questions for Managers? (With Template)

    The announce of a 360 Review can often be destabilising for managers. Peers, subordinates, management and even clients and suppliers formulate their feedback through a pre-defined prism. While stakeholders intend to share their expectations, managers seek a constructive and fair assessment. 360 Review's can adopt a variety of...