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    okr vs kpi, kpi vs okr,difference between kpi and okr
    04 Oct
    OKR vs KPI, Which One is the Right Fit for Your Company?

    Companies have performance metrics to describe and evaluate different projects and processes. OKR vs KPI defines goals and factors to achieve success in an organisation. They are performance measures used to define actions, which can make them appear identical at first. When you look closer,...

    Case study: Diverseco
    13 Sep
    Case Study: Diverseco

    About Diverseco Employees: 200 Location: Adelaide, Australia Diverseco specialise in engineering, manufacturing, and professional services. Their comprehensive suite of services includes all that are required for the successful delivery of projects, including: business analysis, systems design, product design, drafting, prototyping, testing, engineering, fabrication, certification,...

    staffing attrition, how to reduce attrition of employees, employee attrition, staff attrition
    12 Sep
    Attrition Rate: A Key Metric for Employee Retention Success

    People who start and finish their careers with the same companies are extremely rare. After some time, the majority of people leave, or the corporation involuntarily terminates them. Even though leaving a company seems to be a fairly simple journey, there are many complex issues...

    the great resignation Australia,the great resignation 2022,
    06 Sep
    The Great Resignation: What Your Need to Know

    Covid-19 caused the global transformation. Large-scale disruptions in various industries pushed many people to reassess what is most important to them. Employees have reexamined their professions and career paths as a result of that period of reflection and introspection. Anthony Klotz’s term "The Great Resignation"...

    analytical people, hr analytics,people analytics,HR Software
    23 Apr
    How HR Software will Help with People Analytics

    Human Resource function has been under incredible pressure with the expectation of delivering a framework of actionable insights and, data analysis right across the organisation. The primary challenge is that they are under-resourced and subsequently under-invested in technology which could support this framework. As a...

    people metrics
    28 Aug
    How People Metrics Can Improve Business Performance

    There's a lot of buzz going around Big Data, but the question is,  can Big Data really help to enhance business performance? Leading organisations are utilising Big Data is to manage their employees better, as it helps them to understand the true needs of their...

    big data hr
    01 Jun
    How Big Data Can Drive HR

    The term ‘Big Data’ is used to describe a large volume of both structured and unstructured data which has a great impact on business on a day to day basis. However, it is not the amount of data which is important here, but it is...

    employee perfromance metrics
    21 Mar
    The Secret To Selecting and Measuring Key Employee Performance Metrics

    Measuring critical employee performance metrics offers organisations key benefits for attracting and retaining top talent while meeting operational imperatives. The primary benefits of employee performance metrics are tied to fostering better employee engagement, which enhances productivity, innovation, creativity, employee loyalty and longevity. In the past,...

    hr analytics
    27 Feb
    Using HR Analytics and Big Data in the Workplace

    The concept of using Big Data and HR Analytics in the workplace has become a debatable issue when it was revealed how certain employers are using the help of outside data firms to forecast the health risks of its employees. People expressed their concerns as they felt...

    HR Report
    21 Dec
    8 Questions to Ask for Effective HR Report

    HR departments and companies invest billions to develop and upgrade their databases without spending enough time to design relevant and effective HR report. That’s why staff members complain and protest about inaccurate assessments, data-driven errors and unpopular decisions - HR reporting fails to deliver unless...