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    exit interview
    08 Sep
    Conducting an Exit Interview the Right Way

    Whenever an organisation tries to work towards employee retention, one of the things that it wishes to keenly understand from departing employees is: What could we have done to retain them? Exit interviews are purely conducted to meet this requirement. Exit interviews can go a...

    flight risk
    25 Jul
    Flight Risk Signals Uncovered: What Makes Employees Leave?

    It’s critical to develop a proactive program to retain employees, predict employee flight risk and mitigate the risks of avoidable employee turnover. The right data-collecting and management policies can reduce flight risk and save thousands of dollars on the costs of training new employees.

    employee promotion
    19 Jul
    8 Signs that Your Employee is Ready for a Promotion

    One of your the most rewarding tasks of a manager is to identify & develop the leadership potential in an organisation. In fact, a high-performing, high-potential employee, it is not unlike having a life saver to watch your back. These individuals are known as star performers as they...

    employee turnover
    12 Jul
    What You Need To Know About Employee Turnover

    Employee turnover is the number of employees who exit an organisation and are eventually replaced by new employees. Employee retention, on the other hand, indicates the rate at which organisations successfully manage to keep employees from leaving. Employee turnover is a challenge that needs to be...

    How to Identify and Manage Employee Burnout
    25 Apr
    How to Identify and Manage Employee Burnout

    Employee burnout is an important issue which is still not being spoken about or dealt with enough. Despite the media making claims frequently that the job market is improving, they type of jobs that are coming up are still leaving people in a stressed out...

    employee quit
    30 Dec
    12 Reasons Why Employees Quit

    A big problem that most companies go through without stopping to think about, is their high turnover rate. Like the saying, “most friendships come and go”- the same applies to employees. Despite it being a popular belief and saying, the real problem that lies here...

    How Important is Employee Retention to Your Organisation?
    01 Nov
    4 Simple Tips to Improve your Employee Retention

    For those who keep questioning themselves as to why they see their employees walk out the door and never come back, you should consider re-thinking your employee retention program or strategy. It’s pretty clear that if this is the case in your workplace, you’ve got...