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    conflict resolution
    25 Oct
    Tips & Strategies for Workplace Conflict Resolution

    Conflict, especially interpersonal conflicts are part and parcel of life, and they may arise in almost any kind of atmosphere be it organisations or personal relations. While interpersonal conflict is a fact of life, what is important is to learn to resolve it effectively so...

    emotional intelligence
    16 Jul
    Why Emotional Intelligence Makes You More Successful

    It is a common knowledge that individuals with high emotional intelligence have a greater chance of getting hired, promoted, and earning a better salary. An individual’s ability to identify and control his or her emotions and to be able to understand the emotions of others is...

    creative skills
    30 Nov
    How to Improve Your Creative Skills

    You may have noticed that some individuals are easily able to churn out new and innovative ideas and think creatively, while others may seem to struggle in doing so. That’s because the former type of individual possesses creative thinking skills, while the latter seems to...

    soft skills
    02 Nov
    Soft Skills that will Safeguard Your Career From Robots

    Consider a situation where a robot can easily do your job. The very thought of it is kind of unsettling, isn’t it? But it is slowly taking the shape of a real possibility shortly. According to Australia’s Future Workforce report, by the year 2030, around...

    14 Aug
    12 Signs That Strongly Suggest You’re a Micromanager

    Micromanagement takes place whenever a manager intends to exercise excessive control over the working process. Typical micromanagers delegate work and yet want to be closely involved with every minute aspect of the work done. This often leads to frustration and delays in work across the...

    great employee
    07 Aug
    20 Qualities That Make a Great Employee

    While you are on the lookout for high-potential, high-performing employees to add to your existing group of employees, you need to take a holistic approach to knowledge skills & attitude.  Knowledge and Skills are certainly an asset, but they can both be taught or bought....

    SWOT analysis
    18 Jul
    How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis

    One of the most useful techniques to help you articulate your organisational strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities, and assess threats, is SWOT Analysis. SWOT Analysis in a business context will assist you to carve a sustainable niche in the market. In a personal context, it...

    28 Jun
    Mastering the Art & Science of Win-Win Negotiation

    Negotiation is the art of resolving differences between two parties.  Negotiation entails taking into account different opinions, individual aims, interests, needs and consider any differences in culture and background of the parties involved. This article aims to convey different ways of negotiation using the haggling or...

    16 May
    The Psychology of Procrastination and How to Stop It

    Everyone procrastinates occasionally, but in today’s fast-moving business environment, procrastination can generate serious consequences. Regardless of whether you manage, supervise or work as a team member, procrastination can affect other people’s performances and compromise their efficiency and ability to do their jobs. What Is Procrastination? People have...

    difficult conversation
    11 May
    How To Have Difficult Conversations – Tips

    We've all been in situations where we try to put those difficult conversations on the back burner. You know you need to have this difficult conversation and do everything you can to avoid it. Perhaps you a worried that if you do engage, you will make the situation even worse. One...