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    Get App and Go
    16 Apr
    Get App and Go

    By: Iain Hopkins, Editor, HR Magazine

    HR, like so many other areas of business, is moving ‘on demand’ and becoming increasingly mobile. Human Capital looks at why this is happening and lists some of the best apps for HR professionals and recruiters.
    29 Oct
    Free e-learning
    In August 2011, Stanford University computer science professor Sebastian Thrun partnered with a group of colleagues and made a decision that would rock the learning fraternity. They decided to open their class to the world allowing anyone, anywhere to attend their course for free. There were no pre-requisites; they had tutorials, exams, and a final assessment. The announcement was made with a single email to a professional group. It was amplified on twitter and within hours 5,000 students signed up. Eventually, over 150,000 students enrolled in an online version of Stanford’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.
    Social Media Value Proposition
    06 Sep
    Social media’s value proposition
    It’s very easy to be distracted by shiny new objects, especially if they are accompanied with the promise to radically change the way we work, play and love. But make no mistake; social media is facilitating one of the biggest mind shifts since the industrial revolution and it’s here to stay. It is also becoming the hottest topic in the corporate conversation as companies look for ways to innovate, motivate and drive competitive advantage.
    hr tablet
    02 Jun
    The rise of the tablet
    From the bedroom to the boardroom, to the highest office in government, the tablet is radically changing our relationship with technology and how we consume information. Characterised by its flick-of-the-finger ease-of-use, arresting visuals, and eternal connectivity, this devide is rapidly becoming the preferred tool for absorbing, presenting and communicating: but more importantly, it is the facilitating the liberation of staff from their desks, with the ability to work effectively and securely, wherever they are.
    18 Apr
    Roadmap for a successful HR technology strategy

    What happens when you have a number of legacy systems that need replacing? How do you draft a decision making framework for procurement and rollout? Ari Kopoulos provides his tips This editorial is first published in Human Capital Magazine Issue 9.9, EXPERT INSIGHT: TECHNOLOGY. Today’s business environment...

    26 Oct
    Is mobile technology a gimmick or viable channel for HR?

    HR WORKSHOP by Ari Kopoulos, National sales and marketing manager, EmployeeConnect This article is first published in HR Leader Magazine – issue 212 (9 November 2010) It took two years to sell a million iPods, 78 days for iPhones and 28 days for iPads. Make no mistake,...

    30 May
    Social media at work

    In March's edition of Human Capital Magazine, Ari Kopoulos (National Sales & Marketing Manager) again addresses another burning question in the HR industry. You can find the article in hard copy form in issue number 8.3 under the 'Ask the Expert' column. Q. We are starting...

    hr expert
    14 Feb
    Ask the expert! The 3 Most Important Trends in HR Tech

    In February's edition of Human Capital Magazine, Ari Kopoulos (National Sales & Marketing Manager) addresses another burning question in the HR industry. You can find the article in hard copy form in Issue Number 8.2 under the 'Ask the Expert' column. Q. What are the three...

    In-House or SaaS - Which is best for you?
    09 Dec
    In-House or SaaS – Which HR Solution is Best for You?

    This article is first published in HRM Singapore - Issue 9.10: Annual guide to HR Technology and Outsourcing HR technology is a niche area that is often best left to the experts. HRM considers the costs and benefits of having your software and data applications delivered...