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Personal Development

    Upskilling in the Workplace, upskill, upskilling, upskilled,upskilling the workforce, upskill meaning
    23 Jan
    30 Tips For Upskilling in the Workplace to Stay Competitive

    The workplace of the modern era is always changing and evolving. It is imperative to constantly upskill and develop one's knowledge and talents to remain competitive and relevant in the work market today. In order to execute their existing jobs or take on new positions within...

    persuasive techniques,persuasive language techniques, persuasive writing techniques, persuasive techniques list, list of persuasive techniques
    14 Dec
    20 Powerful Persuasive Techniques You Can Use at Work

    Persuasion is a fundamental skill you need to attract potential customers and investors, create your brand or inspire others. No one can deny the art of persuasion and its role in this era of modern ideas. Persuasion techniques are commonly used in writing and verbal...

    what is leadership development program, leadership development training programs, developing leadership skills, leadership development plan,leadership development program,
    26 Sep
    How to Build a Leadership Development Program

    What is the first thing comes to mind when you hear the term "leadership development programs?" An expensive and time-consuming effort, right? But it doesn't have to be if your goal is to improve the performance of your employees. A key focus of any leadership development...

    07 Aug
    How to Fail Your Way Forward Successfully

    It is a natural human tendency that whenever we think about success, we do not associate it with failure. However, the truth of the matter is that rarely any success is achieved without braving multiple failures along the way. History proves that the list of...

    thinking pattern
    07 Nov
    How to Change Destructive Thinking Patterns

    It can indeed be challenging to focus on anything good when bad things keep taking place in your life. However, the good part is that it is possible to train your mind to focus only on the positive things in your life, instead of pondering...

    positive mental attitude
    25 Oct
    How to Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

    How to Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude? One of the best ways to be successful in all areas of life is to adopt is to develop a positive mental attitude. Having a positive attitude towards life, in general, makes you a happier person. It develops you...

    goal setting
    22 Sep
    The Power Of Setting Goals

    One of the most important benefits of setting goals is the actions that you take and your personal evolution. Goal setting is important because it provides focus and helps to shape your dreams. It also helps to hone those skills which you need to perform...

    healthy habits achieving goals
    06 Jul
    The Secret to Achieving Goals: Establish Daily Habits

    We have all encountered that guilt and disappointment when we eventually give up on a goal after floundering with it for some time. It's quite challenging in fact to sustain motivation, especially when trying to hit a longer term goal. Consider the popular News Year's Resolution....

    26 Jun
    Understanding Motivation

    Mastering Motivation can be quite a tricky exercise. At times it may be straight forward to be motivated, while others times, nearly impossible. This may even lead to a spiralling state of procrastination. This article discusses various ways of staying motivated. According to scientists, motivation...

    personal values
    19 Jun
    How to Find Your Personal Values – Examples

    To experience all round success in both work and your personal life, you need to live and breathe the values which hold true for you. To do that, you need to figure out what your key personal values are. The secret of a balanced life...