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    Challenge Employee
    28 May
    Why Employees Are More Efficient When They Feel Challenged

    You see it all over the internet. Advice blogs, business sites, and management studies fill the search results. Articles like “Four Simple Ways to Challenge Your Employees” or “You’ll Never Believe What This Company Did to Challenge Their Employees.” While many of these articles, blog posts,...

    employee engagement drivers
    14 May
    What drives Employee Engagement?

    The backbone of any business is employee engagement. It's a direct outcome of experience that thrives between the employee and the employer. The true foundation that lies behind employee engagement is trust, respect, and performance. Employee engagement is considered to be dynamic as it is...

    employee experience-2
    07 May
    5 Things HR Can Do to Improve Employee Experience

    Experience is about a series of moments that go on to form negative, positive, or neutral memories. Each of these moments tends to leave a lasting impression on our minds, and they decide if our overall experience has been a good or a bad one....

    10C employee engagement
    12 Jan
    The 10 C’s of Employee Engagement

    An engaged employee is an individual who is enthusiastically and completely immersed in their work. A common trait observed in engaged employees is that they care about the future of their respective organisations and are more than willing to put in additional efforts to see...

    engagement survey questions
    02 Jan
    10 Employee Engagement Survey Questions You Cannot Live Without

    If your organisation wishes to grow and strengthen its market share, it's imperative that your employees are completely engaged. If you do not have employees who are deeply engaged, they won’t be in a position to reach their full potential, and as a result, you as...

    organisational culture
    06 Nov
    The Impact of Organisational Culture on Employee Engagement

    The way organisations function these days is very different compared to previous times. Organisations nowadays operate in a transparent manner where every decision and conduct is being monitored quite closely. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are empowering employees by providing them with...

    18 Oct
    How Workplace Connections Drive Better Employee Engagement

    According to Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of Needs, one of the basic human needs just next to physical safety is ‘connection’. The book ‘Drive’ by Daniel Pink describes a test known as the ‘pronoun test’  when speaking to employees to figure out the level of...

    effective communication
    09 Oct
    The Importance of Effective Communication in Employee Engagement

    One of the most powerful tools which have an enormous impact on the success of any organisation is effective communication. When effective communication prevails in an organisation, it increases employee engagement, drives business growth, and also boosts workplace productivity. Effective communication is, in fact, the...

    engagement survey
    12 Sep
    Increasing Employee Engagement Survey Response Rate

    The employee engagement survey is a key tool for organisations to diagnose and create action plans to improve productivity and engagement. However, the effectiveness of the survey is diluted if there is poor survey participation from the employees. A lot of organisations struggle with a...