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    Why Culture & Engagement Are So Important
    28 Jun
    Why Are Culture and Engagement So Important?

    When business leaders are asked to name their biggest asset, what do you think most would pinpoint? Their answers could easily range from product to property, or the customer base. While these are all correct answers, the only true answer in my opinion is - employees. At the...

    Infographic - The Anatomy of the Engaged Employee
    09 Jun
    [INFOGRAPHIC] The Anatomy of the Engaged Employee

    What if Employee Engagement started with HR Technology? HRIS systems are essentially composed of a suite of interlinked modules that allow employees, managers and HR to connect. Thanks to HRIS software, it's easier to communicate and thus solve the bottlenecks and roadblocks commonly found on the path to complete...

    Employee Engagement
    08 Jun
    Quick Guide to Employee Engagement

    Being an employee yourself, there will be days where you occasionally feel disconnected from work. You feel unmotivated to show up to work, let alone do the work. If you had it your way, you would’ve pressed snoozed on the alarm clock until noon. Not...

    03 Jun
    The Week of HR #5: Finding Your Purpose At Work

    There is always a lot of emphasis on finding your purpose in life and seeking out what makes you truly happy, but have you ever thought about trying to find your purpose at work? Do you know what your purpose is? If you don’t, do...

    25 May
    Flow Theory – The Secret to True Workplace Happiness

    It’s 1:00pm, you’re with your work colleague and they’re trying to converse with you, waiting for your response. The words are gradually going through your head, in one ear, floating in your brain for a bit, and out the other – “What’s for lunch today?”,...

    19 May
    27 Actionable Insights & Resources for Employee Lifecycle Management

    As HR professionals you’ve heard it all before: managing effectively your employees’ lifecycle is the secret to create an engaged workforce which will in turn improve business efficiency. But how do you do it – from the moment you hire people to the moment they...

    How to Build a Better Workplace
    22 Apr
    How to Build a Better Workplace

    For any employee in any industry, their workplace is revisited over five days a week for more than 8 hours a day, making it as close to a second home. When you find your employee dreading to come to work, rushing to leave early and...

    Why Empathy Is the Most Important Trait
    16 Apr
    Why Empathy Is the Most Important Trait Today

    Reflecting upon my career as challenger, innovator & leader, I can safely say that no single idea or business strategy has generated the kind of power that empathy delivers. Empathy transcends leadership, culture, innovation and marketing, as the key driving force in today's communications ecosphere....

    Does Incentive Pay for Better Workplace Performance?
    29 Jan
    Does Incentive Pay Motivate Better Workplace Performance?

    For many people in the workforce, completing a hard day in the office and collecting their pay is enough for them. As such, some business leaders dangle a carrot - incentivised rewards - which are supposed to drive performance and engagement therefore providing enterprise growth. However,...