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    teamwork culture
    22 May
    How to Build a Strong Teamwork Culture

    Teamwork culture is promoting a work culture that values collaboration. When people work in a team environment, they are likely to make better decisions in terms of planning, thinking, and making decisions and actions by cooperating with one another. Teamwork culture took a backseat in...

    employee engagement ideas
    20 May
    13 Employee Recognition Ideas to Maximise Employee Engagement

    It’s a tried and tested theory that recognising your employees is a pathway towards maximising employee engagement. This engagement can form between you and your employee or your employee with the company overall. When you recognise your employees for their efforts, contributions and time, they feel...

    engaged employee
    15 May
    The Competitive Advantage of An Engaged Employee

    If you asked a group of CEOs 'what's your competitive advantage?', some will say building a superior quality product, while others may promote their robust business model. The majority though, are likely to say that their people are their advantage.  Now, this may sound like...

    Why CEOs Need To Embrace Employee Engagement
    08 May
    Why CEOs Need To Embrace Employee Engagement

    It's completely understandable that the key focus areas for any CEO of a successful organisation will include profitability and competitiveness. However, and unfortunately, employee engagement is quite low on their priority list of responsibilities. It is also taken for granted that employee engagement is something which falls...

    The Value Proposition of an Engaged Employee
    01 Apr
    The Value Proposition of Engaged Employees

    In today’s competitive environment every organisation wants to stay ahead in the league, and one of the ways of achieving this is by promoting innovation through engaged employees. All successful companies are aware that a true culture of innovation comes not from the leaders of...

    engagement survey questions
    01 Feb
    Common Employee Engagement Survey Questions Aligned to Engagement Drivers – Examples

    The employee engagement survey perhaps one of the most common and direct methods for managers to cause the sentiment of their teams and level of engagement across the all the drivers of engagement. It's a known fact that approximately 92% of companies run employee engagement surveys in one form or another and remain a critical organisational metric.  This is supported by the fact...

    employee net promoter score
    06 Jan
    The Complete Guide to Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS Tips)

    The latest research on employee loyalty states that almost 59% of employees do not recommend their organisation as an ideal or great place to work. Hence, it is very important to understand the loyalty level of your employees and to find out the reasons behind...

    employee motivation
    04 Jan
    A Managers Guide to Employee Motivation (Tips)

    Employee motivation is an amalgamation of a number of factors such as the energy level, creativity, and commitment that an employee brings to the table at the workplace. Companies have always found it challenging to find ways to motivate their employees. However, employee motivation is a crucial...

    employee quit
    30 Dec
    12 Reasons Why Employees Quit

    A big problem that most companies go through without stopping to think about, is their high turnover rate. Like the saying, “most friendships come and go”- the same applies to employees. Despite it being a popular belief and saying, the real problem that lies here...

    employee pulse survey
    29 Dec
    The Definitive Guide to the Employee Engagement Pulse Survey

    There's a global trend of organisations embracing the employee pulse survey. So the obvious questions which come up include, what are these surveys exactly, and what benefits can organisations expect out of them after the employees undertake these surveys? Also, as an employer, you need to know...