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    What Happens When Employee Motivation Is Low
    30 Nov
    What Happens When Employee Motivation Is Low

    According to Gallup's research, only 13% of employees would be motivated by their job worldwide. And with 63% of employees being "not engaged", how can such low levels or no employee motivation be explained? Low salaries, gruelling work days, poor work environment or lack of appreciation,...

    Get your team from under the radar to rockstars
    24 Nov
    How to Get Your Team From ‘Under the Radar’ to ‘Rock Star’

    By Cindy O’Dea Practical HR Strategies   Are your staff at work just for the free cupcakes? Is your team just ‘showing up’? Are you disappointed that you have team members who watch the clock, don’t show any initiative or who spend just enough time working to believe they...

    How to Engage Your Managers?
    09 Nov
    How to Engage Your Managers

    Any number of strategies can foster employee engagement, but the truth is that your company's managers generate the greatest results because they occupy the hot-seat positions that affect day-to-day operations, company culture and staff performance. In fact Gallup research reveals managers account for at least...

    The Power of Employee Recognition
    31 Oct
    The Power of Employee Recognition

    Make no mistake, an organisation that fosters an environment that motivates employees and rewards positive behaviours will attract the best talent, maintain a strong, positive culture and retain the rockstars that outperform the competition. Whether you're in, a football team, the boardroom or, the bedroom, the same...

    Customer experience
    17 Oct
    How HR Can Shape a Customer Experience Focused Workforce

    Customer Experience, or CX for short, is a differentiation strategy adopted by many B2B organisations. While we may think at first that customer experience lies in the realm of marketing and sales; the HR department has a great role to play in creating customer excellence. In...

    Employee Engagement
    13 Sep
    The 7 pillars of Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement is now a phenomenon that's deeply implanted in the collective consciousness of progressive HR leaders. This is supported by the huge surge of content, conferences, awards, Internet chatter, and Facebook and LinkedIn social media groups solely focused on employee engagement. Large numbers of HR tech vendors...

    Motivating Your Troops With Gamification
    12 Sep
    Boosting Your HR with a Gamification Program

    Gamification or in other words, the application of game mechanisms to other non-game areas, has spread to many domains in the past few years: social media, loyalty programs, and of course… HR! But since the word has become a staple of the business world, have...

    A HRIS Motivated Workforce - NFP & Private Sector
    05 Sep
    A HRIS Motivated Workforce

    What motivates employees at work? There a two types of factors which drive employees to perform at their best. Employees are either intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated. I’d say most of the time it’s a bit of both. Being intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated is...

    Employee Engagement What Professionals Do
    30 Aug
    Employee Engagement: This Is What Professionals Do

    We live in a world where everyone would like to think that what they do is perfect. Reality is, it’s not. You may be a perfectionist or see yourself as a nit-picker where you strive for 100% accuracy, only to end up feeling disappointed that...