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    what is performance management
    29 Dec
    What is Performance Management?

    Performance management is essentially overseeing the relationship between organisational objectives and the skills, experience and capabilities of an organisation’s employees. Overseeing this linear relationship will involve drawing and analysing the aligned results developed. These results emerge from different stages through business activity – either the...

    positive feedback
    22 Dec
    7 Tips for Giving Great Positive Feedback

    One of the most common problems almost 90% of employees suffer in the workplace is a lack of positive feedback. This situation is found in most of the organisations and unfortunately most of the employees have to go through this crisis.  Feedback deficiency occurs everywhere, irrespective...

    employee performance
    30 Oct
    How to Manage Employee Performance?

    There are several dimensions that are essentials to understand in order to create an effective employee performance management program. This time sensitive matter needs to be under constant supervision in order to work well. Getting a pulse of how things are going lies at the...

    When Wellness Programs Go Overboard
    11 Oct
    When Workplace Health & Wellbeing Programs Go Overboard

    Welcome to the era of wellbeing! A time in which people watch what they eat, how many hours they sleep, track their calorie intake, and pretty much any food they ingest to the point of turning into an obsession. Nowadays, more and more employers encourage their...

    The Neuroscience of Collaboration: Building Strong Teams
    22 Sep
    The Neuroscience of Collaboration: Building Strong Teams

    Humans have an innate ability to connect and collaborate.  In fact, some say it’s a biological need. As we grow and develop we crave human interaction – regardless of how extraverted or introverted we might think we are. So if we genuinely desire to collaborate,...

    employee timesheet, timesheets, timesheet management, timesheet for employee
    19 Sep
    6 Good Reasons to Use Employee Timesheet

    Are you struggling to manage your employees' time effectively? Do you find it challenging to track their start and end times accurately? Are you tired of the inefficiencies and errors associated with paper timesheets and time cards? If you answered yes to any of these...

    Motivating Your Troops With Gamification
    12 Sep
    Boosting Your HR with a Gamification Program

    What is Gamification? Gamification or in other words, the application of game mechanisms to other non-game areas, has spread to many domains in the past few years: social media, loyalty programs, and of course… HR! But since the word has become a staple of the business...

    Employee Performance and Productivity
    07 Sep
    The Difference Between Employee Performance and Productivity

    We often tend to be confused when it comes to making the distinction between employee performance and productivity. Generally, we don't manage to grasp the subtle differences between the management of these two concepts. While productivity management comes down to HR management systems, performance management...

    Why Peer to Peer Relationships Are Important
    03 Aug
    Why Peer-to-Peer Relationships Are Important Between Managers

    We all know that having relationships is important (arguable by those who are anti-social – however, since you’re on management’s side you should have some sort of communication skill locked in). Relationships help us flourish in ways we never thought we could. They act as...

    Is Employee Wellbeing the Ultimate Performance Driver?
    18 Jul
    Is Employee Wellbeing the Ultimate Performance Driver?

    Employee wellbeing is a challenge that is becoming more and more important within today's organisations. Considering an economic environment that is becoming less and less predictable, many organisations rely on their employees' goodwill to perform beyond expectations to contribute to their success. The topic of wellbeing...