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    01 Aug
    Your Guide to OKR: Objectives and Key Results

    What is OKR? OKR, which stands for objectives key results, describes a management style that connects employee work tasks to overall strategic company goals. The objectives key results approach can include both company objectives and personal goals for career development. Objectives are the goals that your...

    360 performance review
    24 Jul
    Best Practice 360 Review Tips

    Organisations these days are moving towards the continuous 360-degree mode of feedback instead of the traditional annual performance review process.  This regular, 360-degree approach is incredibly useful as it provides the opportunity to gain inputs from multiple team members, including the individuals that work closest with...

    performance appraisals
    14 Jul
    How to Optimise Your Employee Performance Appraisals

    Performance management entails a lot more than mere employee performance appraisals.  A well-rounded performance appraisal needs to be a summary of a continuous year-round dialogue. If you focus only on the annual appraisal, it will create misunderstanding and lead to non-appreciation of the advantages of...

    retain high performers
    22 Jun
    Key Tactics To Retain Your High Performers

    One of the key concerns for Human Resource professionals and CEOs is how to retain and grow high potential high performers. According to a study carried out by LinkedIn, it's the norm for today's generation of professionals to change jobs at least four times within the first...

    goal setting
    15 Jun
    A Roadmap For Effective Goal Setting – Tips

    Goal setting has universal application – career, health, love & life in general. Today’s modern society constantly encourages us to ponder upon the next milestone. What is lacking, however, is the strategy of how to accomplish these goals. This article will serve as a roadmap for...

    goal setting
    17 May
    Guiding Principles for Developing and Setting Employee Performance Goals

    Every organisation aims to achieve its business objectives through efficient and intelligent utilisation of its workforce. This would be a relatively simple exercise if every employee was aligned and understood the strategic goals of the organisation and also, clearly understood what exactly they need to do...

    performance feedback
    10 May
    Significance of Continuous Feedback for Performance Appraisals

    The objective behind the performance appraisal process is to correct, guide, and motivate employees. It also facilitates the growth of the employees and helps in achieving business goals. Appraisals as a norm are held once or twice a year in most of the organisations. It...

    Aligning HR And Business Goals
    09 May
    Aligning HR And Business Goals

    What according to you is the most important skill of an HR leader? Apart from having knowledge of industrial relations, acting as the cultural ambassador, and possessing conflict resolution skills, the latest research has indicated that the most significant skill of an HR professional is...

    team building games
    01 May
    16 Employee Engaging Team Building Games

    One of the most effective ways to make your team feel connected and work collaboratively in a more engaging & fun way, is through team building games. These are broken down into  communication activities, problem solving and/or decision making activities, adaptability and/or planning activities, and activities that focus...

    cascading goals
    27 Apr
    How Cascading Goals Impact Employee Performance

    It has been observed that  employee performance appraisals are usually conducted without much thought for the business goals or needs. When goals are misaligned and not clear, it may limit both individual performance, as well as organisational performance, resulting in reduced engagement levels. Rarely do organisations cascade goals from the...