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The Importance of new employee onboarding process

Employee Onboarding is the process of inducting new employees into your business. Employee onboarding assists new employees to integrate into the business both from an operations and cultural perspective. Successful onboarding of employees is extremely important for employees, managers, and the organisation as a successful onboarding strategy will reduce attrition and increase employee engagement. A successful organisation will place a lot of emphasis on the onboarding process and ensure their onboarding journey is well thought out, as there are many benefits to an effective onboarding of a new employee. There are many reasons as to why employee onboarding is important, below we will look at a few key elements.

Employee Engagement

Employee onboarding is an organisations’ opportunity to make a great first impression. A successful onboarding will ensure new employees feel valued and supported. By immersing your Employees into your company culture from day one is a great way for new employees to understand what the organisations vision and core values are. The employee onboarding process plays such a big part in keeping employees engaged, being able to convey and align company vision and core values with the new starter’s values will ensure a more engaged and productive employee.

Employee Retention

The employee onboarding process plays a large part in employee retention. Turnover affects every organisation and there are many ways in which employee turnover can be avoided or mitigated. There is also nothing more costly and time consuming that turnover within the first 90 days of employment. Let’s start from the beginning, getting the employee onboarding process right will give your company a head start on insuring you retain your employees. Employee onboarding is extremely important in making new starters feel comfortable because if an employee doesn’t enjoy the onboarding experience it may deter them from staying from the beginning. An engaged employee from the beginning is unlikely to leave your organisation.

Employee Clarity

Settling into a new role can take some time, considering things like getting to know your team and all the tasks you are expected to perform. Employees need to understand exactly what is expected of them to be successful in their new role. The employee onboarding process is an opportunity for the organisation to outline clearly what is expected of employees and how success is measured. Onboarding employees successfully will speed up this process and allow employees to hit the ground running on their first day ensuring they feel comfortable in their role.

Employee Satisfaction

Being a new employee can be stressful and can create anxiety in new hires. The employee onboarding process is an opportunity to increase employee satisfaction and reduce employee stress. Taking time to properly onboard a new employee will ensure the new starter has all the relevant information to make their first day at work a breeze. Providing employees with information such as how to find the office and who they should look for on their first day will increase employee satisfaction significantly. The onboarding process is a great place to notify the new starter what assets have been assigned to them as well, for example notify the new starter their computer/laptop will be waiting for them at their desk. Ensuring your new starter turns up to work on the first day cool, calm and collected is a huge benefit to properly onboarding a new employee.

Employee onboarding is extremely important and if conducted properly will have a positive effect on new starters which will transition into a positive outcome for your organisation. People are the heart of your business, ensuring they feel comfortable and valued is important and the onboarding process is a great place to start!


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Byron Conway

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