How Learning and Development Impacts Professional Development
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Learning and Development Impacts Professional Development

How Learning and Development Impacts Professional Development

Why is professional development important?

Learning and development plays a key role in the Professional Development and engagement of employees. Organisations that focus on the professional development of their workforce are more likely to foster an environment of high engagement and company growth. Providing employees with learning and development opportunities are proven to increase engagement and benefit organisations several ways. If your business hasn’t yet implemented a learning and development programme to foster the professional development of your workforce which in turn will have a positive impact on employee engagement here are four key reasons why it should.

1. Learning and Development Leads to Higher Employee Retention

Investing in the learning and development of your staff members shows employees that they are valued. Put simply when an employee feels valued, they are less likely to leave an organisation. As an organisation continues to invest in the professional development of its employees, they will in turn feel as though they can accomplish and achieve their personal growth goals which will contribute to achieving company goals. Employees will then be more likely to be aligned with the company values and mission leading to a high employee retention rate.

2. Learning and Development Will Ensure Bench Strength

Employee engagement is a driving factor in ensuring an organisations bench strength and leadership pipeline. An organisations’ learning and development programme will impact employee engagement and ensure that they foster a strong pipeline of leaders to fill key roles. The professional development and identification of new and existing leaders will continue to keep high performing employees engaged to fill key positions when employees in leadership roles leave the organisation. It is important to focus on training that teaches existing and potential leaders how to lead themselves and others preparing them for up-and-coming roles. Through personal development an organisation will also uncover emerging leaders and foster an environment of high engagement within the company.

3.Learning and Development Prepares an Organisation for Change

Learning and development is essential for any organisation to prepare itself for the ever changing economic and technological changes it may be presented with. Focusing on the professional development of staff members to ensure they are engaged and equipped for the inevitable changes in business is extremely important for a business to remain relevant and succeed. Learning and development focusing on equipping employees for change will not only see the business succeed but also leverage change and go above and beyond expectations. This is only possible with engaged employees through professional development employees that are neglected will not succeed in an environment of change. Confident and engaged employees will tackled and embrace change.

4. Learning and Development promotes teamwork and collaboration

Learning and Development will increase the probability of teamwork and effective collaboration. Professional development focused on communication and working together as a team will lead to increased team engagement. Positive team relationships will lead to more engaged employees and will foster organisational growth. Being coached and provided with training to be constructive members of a team employees will in turn be more engaged and contribute effectively to the attitudes of all employees involved. This is an important factor in the overall engagement of the organisation and will need to a workplace which employees enjoy being a part of.

Providing employees access to courses and professional development will help them enhance their skills and knowledge. Organisations that provide learning and development programs not only build a strong, motivated capable workforce but through demonstrating interest and care towards their people will lead to a happy engaged workforce which in turn leads to a strong successful business.


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