Alexi Gavrielatos
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Author: Alexi Gavrielatos

    21 Mar
    HRIS in the world of education: Alexi’s insight

      In an era where technology permeates every facet of our lives, education stands as no exception. As schools and colleges grapple with managing their resources efficiently while ensuring data security and seamless performance, the implementation of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) emerges as a...

    15 Mar
    The Hidden Costs of Manual HR Processes: Alexi’s Insight

    Many HR departments find themselves bogged down by manual processes that consume valuable time and resources. From cumbersome paperwork to repetitive administrative tasks, the burden of manual processes can impede productivity, increase errors, and hinder strategic initiatives. In this post, we'll explore the hidden...

    Employee Self Service
    03 Mar
    7 Ways ESS Employee Self Service Can Help Your Company

    What is ESS Employee Self Service? Employee self service is a feature provided by HR Systems that allows employees to access and modify their own documents, personal details, and role related tasks. It has become common for companies to implement HR Software to provide employees with...

    Learning and Development Impacts Professional Development
    15 Feb
    How Learning and Development Impacts Professional Development

    Why is professional development important? Learning and development plays a key role in the Professional Development and engagement of employees. Organisations that focus on the professional development of their workforce are more likely to foster an environment of high engagement and company growth. Providing employees with...

    Employee Onboarding
    25 Jan
    Understanding Employee Onboarding Process

    Employee onboarding focuses on the process of inducting new employees into your business. When considering what should be included in an employee onboarding program it is important to understand what the key elements and necessary steps are to ensure a smooth initiation of new employees...

    conflict resolution, conflict resolution skills, conflict resolution techniques, Workplace Conflict, conflict resolution in the workplace
    25 Oct
    Tips & Strategies for Workplace Conflict Resolution

    Conflict, especially interpersonal conflicts are part and parcel of life, and they may arise in almost any kind of atmosphere be it organisations or personal relations. While interpersonal conflict is a fact of life, what is important is to learn to resolve it effectively so...

    off boarding, employee off-boarding
    17 Jan
    Managing the Employee Off-boarding Experience

    Managing the Employee Off-boarding Experience Employee off-boarding is the process that employee leaves the company they work for in a structured manner. Every organisation wishes to deliver a great employee experience. But the irony is, most organisations tend to ignore creating a similar level of experience...

    critical thinking
    15 Dec
    Leadership Lessons: Critical Thinking Skills

    Even though a few classic leadership skills and strategies continue to be effective, today's volatile environment requires a different leadership skill set. By utilising critical thinking ability at every level, leaders can comprehend the impact of their decisions on the overall business of an organisation. It also helps...

    organisational culture
    06 Nov
    The Impact of Organisational Culture on Employee Engagement

    The way organisations function these days is very different compared to previous times. Organisations nowadays operate in a transparent manner where every decision and conduct is being monitored quite closely. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are empowering employees by providing them with...