7 Ways Employee Self Service (ESS) Can Help Your Company
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Employee Self Service

7 Ways ESS Employee Self Service Can Help Your Company

What is ESS Employee Self Service?

Employee self service is a feature provided by HR Systems that allows employees to access and modify their own documents, personal details, and role related tasks. It has become common for companies to implement HR Software to provide employees with access to the tool in order to optimise communication, administrative and transactional processes. Many solutions also have a mobile app which allows employees to perform administrative tasks on the go. Employee self service simplifies time consuming HR tasks and provides numerous benefits both for employees, managers, and the organisation.

7 Ways ESS Employee Self-service Can Help your company:

1. Access Data anytime from anywhere

Employees can access information from wherever they are. This empowers employees and managers who are on the go or working remotely to access the information they need with ease.

2. Better Quality Data

With an ESS Employee Self Service portal, employees and manages will have control over data. If changes are made to master data such as bank account details or an employee moving address, there is a complete audit trail as well as an approval process. This significantly eliminates potential for out of date or incorrect data.

3. Transparency of Data

A key benefit of employee self service portal is the transparency created by the workflow mapping process and access an employee has to their information. Employees are able to view their leave balance and other relevant information saving HR time as they will no longer be bombarded with questions from employees relating to their data. ESS Employee Self-Service also provides managers and HR visibility over where certain tasks are in the workflow process. For example, they will be able to see who has applied for leave and whether it has been approved and transferred to payroll.

4. Reduce Administration Time

The HR department is usually occupied by time consuming administrative tasks. HR is now also responsible for strategic elements of a company’s success, also ensuring that there isn’t a drop in productivity of standard procedures. Employee self-service will reduce the HR departments workload from an administrative perspective allowing them to focus on the more strategic elements that contribute to an organisation’s success.

5. Streamline Communication

ESS Employee self service portals streamline and provides organisations with a central form of communication. Employee Self Services enables team, department, and companywide communication. For example, key organisation dates and keeping everyone in the loop with major changes and notifications.

6. Better insights into compliance

Compliance is extremely important and employee self service technology provides managers complete insight into their team’s details allowing them to make informed decisions. ESS Employee self-service enables HR Managers to access information to generate reports quickly increasing and ensuring the organisation remains compliant.

7. Employee Engagement

ESS Employee self service provides employees with autonomy and control over their own data. An employee who has access to their own data is more likely to be engaged with the organisation. Providing employees access to their development plans through the employee self-service portal allows them to be more hands on and therefore continue to positively contribute to the organisation.


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