Alexi Gavrielatos
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Author: Alexi Gavrielatos

    Conducting a Skills Gap Analysis
    19 Apr
    Conducting a Skills Gap Analysis

    A skills gap analysis is the difference between the skills that employers seek or need, and the skills that the employees offer. In order to conduct a skills gap analysis, the organisation needs to identify skills that it needs in order to meet its business...

    The Art or Creating Meaningful Organisational Values
    12 Apr
    The Art & Science of Meaningful Company Values

    Many managers and organisations today neglect the fact that company values are important. Company values are important for both individuals and companies. Individually, they help with governing lives, ensuring that we grow and develop in our future with what we want to experience. From an...

    Elements That Make For Long Term Job Satisfaction
    30 Mar
    Elements That Make For Long Term Job Satisfaction

    As per the results gathered from a couple of job satisfaction surveys, at any given point of time, at least one-third of the employees of any organisation are on the lookout for a new job. This result clearly indicates that there is a dearth of...

    constructive feedback, feedback meaning, feedback examples, feedback definition, constructive feedback examples
    25 Mar
    Constructive Feedback Examples & Tips for Managers

    There are many tools out there today that managers use to improve performance. A powerful tool that many managers often overlook and probably even consider whether it would be a tool itself is, constructive feedback. We will explore the psychology of feedback through several feedback examples. What is...

    Workplace Quotes
    09 Mar
    37 Motivational Workplace Quotes

    Are you looking for that motivational workplace quotes about work to sign off your newsletter, presentation, or website? Work is something that almost everyone does, and it encompasses over a third of your life during the years that you work. The Workplace can be inspirational, motivational,...

    Startup Culture
    08 Mar
    What is a Startup Culture…It’s not what you think!

    The Startup culture has earned a poor reputation for itself in that it's all fun and no work. It earned this kind of reputation mostly because startups are usually led by a younger generation focussing on the thrill of the hustle and operating out of overpriced gaming...

    Critical Success Factors for Successful Employee Satisfaction Surveys
    17 Feb
    Critical Success Factors for Effective Employee Satisfaction Surveys

    Feedback as a concept is important for the mutual growth of both employees and employers alike. Employee Satisfaction Surveys helps a business to be focused towards its goals. Over the years research has proved that an organisation which has satisfied and motivated employees contribute towards...

    smart goal
    21 Jan
    The Secrets of SMART Goal Setting – Examples

    The key to success is to set achievable goals for yourself, as without proper goals you would be directionless. Apart from allowing you to gain control of your life, setting a goal enables you to set a benchmark for yourself so that you can assess and...

    staff turnover, stuff turnover, employee turnover
    20 Jan
    12 Ways to Reduce Staff Turnover – Tips

    Staff turnover is essentially the number, expressed as a percentage, of employees that leave a company in a given period. While most of you can agree that staff turnover is a bad thing, it can alternatively be considered a good thing too. The Impact of Staff Turnover Financially...