Alexi Gavrielatos
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Author: Alexi Gavrielatos

    role clarity
    24 Aug
    The Benefits of Role Clarity

    One of the common challenges for all businesses these days is employee retention. A recent survey conducted by Australian Human Resources Institute revealed the average level of employee turnover amounted to around 16%. This percentage is indeed quite high, and more than two-thirds of the respondents...

    engaged employees
    23 Aug
    11 Ways to Connect and Engage Employees

    The mark of a great leader lies not just in managing employees but also ensuring that their employees feel engaged, motivated, and inspired to do their best. When these principles are being overlooked, it leads to loss of valuable task force, employee disengagement, poor decision-making,...

    work ethics, work ethic meaning, the work ethic, work ethically meaning, strong work ethic
    27 Jul
    Developing A Culture of Strong Work Ethic

    What is Work Ethic? Very simply put, work ethic meaning a system of moral principles. The term is derived from the Greek word ‘ethos’ which indicates custom, habit, character, or disposition. Ethics involves making moral choices, such as determining what is right and wrong, and how...

    360 performance review
    24 Jul
    Best Practice 360 Review Tips

    Organisations these days are moving towards the continuous 360-degree mode of feedback instead of the traditional annual performance review process.  This regular, 360-degree approach is incredibly useful as it provides the opportunity to gain inputs from multiple team members, including the individuals that work closest with...

    funny work quotes
    15 Jul
    62 Funny Inspirational Quotes to Motivate Your Team

    Workplace humour has a way of connecting people, building rapport, alleviating tension and building a funny work quotes on corporate culture. That humorous exchange of jokes, memes and posts has a motivational & inspirational effect that makes people happy. When people are happy, they look forward...

    performance appraisals
    14 Jul
    How to Optimise Your Employee Performance Appraisals

    Performance management entails a lot more than mere employee performance appraisals.  A well-rounded performance appraisal needs to be a summary of a continuous year-round dialogue. If you focus only on the annual appraisal, it will create misunderstanding and lead to non-appreciation of the advantages of...

    26 Jun
    Understanding Motivation

    Mastering Motivation can be quite a tricky exercise. At times it may be straight forward to be motivated, while others times, nearly impossible. This may even lead to a spiralling state of procrastination. This article discusses various ways of staying motivated. According to scientists, motivation...

    employee engagement software
    21 Jun
    Increasing Employee Engagement Through Technology

    Employee engagement is a crucial part of today’s business scenario. According to Gallup in 2015, only 30% of employees said that they are engaged in their job. 50% of employees opined that they were not engaged and around 20% of employees were of the opinion...

    employee engagement ideas for small companies
    14 Jun
    26 High Impact Employee Engagement Ideas Your Team Will Love (You)

    Improving an organisation’s level of employee engagement can be a somewhat challenging task. It's understandable that managers, supervisors, or even the higher up execs require as much help to ensure employees are invested in the journey. It is often helpful to have a cheat sheet...