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Your Guide to a 5-Star Workplace



This guide to creating a happy workplace contains what you need to provide your employees with the environment and conditions they need to produce the best possible outcomes for your business.


Let’s suppose you were to build the best organisation possible. What would it be like?

Guide to a 5-Star Workplace Cover

Creating the ideal place to work is not an easy task. It means building an environment that is gratifying by nature for the people that evolve in it: your employees. It’s building a place that makes sense and respond t0 both the physiological and psychological needs of your workforce on a group and individual level. If a salary constitutes a satisfying source of job satisfaction, it’s far from being enough to make you want to step in the office every morning. This guides explores the most important dimensions that make an organisation a great place to work.


Build a Flexible Workplace

Learn how adapting the work schedule to the individual needs of your employees is essential to keep your workforce motivated and maintain a high level of productivity.


Build a Workplace of Engagement

Be able to distinguish between satisfaction, happiness and true engagement, and learn why you need to understand human psychology to engage your people.


Build a Recognition System

Why you need to set up a recognition system to make your employees feel esteemed and create a commitment to continuous improvement.


Build a System of Rewards & Incentives

Promoting your employee’s positive contributions through rewards & incentives does not have to be expensive and it can actually produce measurable outcomes.


Build a Strong Leadership

While all staff can contribute to create a happy workplace, the leaders in your business will be the driver of a positive work culture. See why leadership is important to get your workplace right.

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