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Workplace Communication

5 Ways to Improve Your Workplace Communication

Why is communication important in the workplace?

In the workplace ensuring that you strengthen your overall level of workplace communication is extremely important. Whenever employees are communicating effectively it may be seen that employee engagement, satisfaction levels, business growth and further employee productivity are likely to increase.

Many managers, team leaders and employees have looked for a wide range of ways to effectively strengthen workplace communication. This is due to the knowledge of gaining associated benefits that comes with highly effective workplace communication. Moreover, effective communication avoids employees feeling frustrated and misunderstood which can be extremely detrimental to teams and business.

Likewise, in the following blog, we have identified five highly effective ways to strengthen workplace communication throughout the entire organisation.

Give Attention

No matter the position you are in within the workplace it is extremely crucial to ensure that you give others attention for effective communication. This means that as an employee you are giving your full focus, listening and understanding what others are saying without being distracted.

When this is done, other employees will begin to see you as an extremely kind individual that listens to what others have to say. Moreover, by giving others your full undivided attention you are able to really understand what others are saying, practice active listening, learn from body language and eye contact how others feel about certain conversations, which can help you produce effective and productive conversations with those around you.

Ensure Verbal Communication

With the rise of text messaging has come the major problem with workplace communication, that is message miscommunication. Message miscommunication comes from individuals not understanding, misreading or making incorrect assumptions about what an individual is sending through text messages.

Likewise, it is extremely important to ensure verbal communication is being conducted whether it be through phone call or face to face, employees are able to more easily express to one another their thoughts and opinions on various subject matters. Further, this avoids poor communication practices led by managers only encouraging text message communication channels.

Be Mindful

To effectively strengthen your workplace communication, it is important to be extremely mindful of who you are communicating with. This means ensuring you are aware of your body language, tone of your voice and facial expressions when speaking with various employees.

You must be aware of the best actions to ensure you get your message across and not come off as arrogant, rude or intimidating to the other individual. Stay positive in what you do, smile and show affirmative listening, being extremely respectful whenever you can. If this is done correctly effective communication may be achieved and you will be able to maintain solid and productive conversations with others.

Participate in Team Building

Another great way to effectively strengthen your workplace communication is through team building activities. Human Resources departments will often implement team building activities to drive teams to learn how to communicate with one another effectively. These activities encourage employees to have fun at work and be actively engaged with the team they are a part of.

Moreover, participating in team-building activities not only enhances communication skills but also improves a variety of other employee skills. For example, team building activities attempt to enhance problem-solving skills, innovative thinking, interpersonal skills and further core competencies relating to the employee’s position.

Use Digital Communication

A final great way to effectively strengthen workplace communication is through utilising digital communication. Digital communication involves businesses utilising effective online communication platforms to ensure that employees are constantly staying connected in the best possible way that encourages effective communication.

Recently with the rise of COVID-19 and the digital transformation of organisations, businesses have utilised communication tools such as Microsoft teams and Zoom to communicate effectively with one another. Furthermore, tools such as Slack, Trello and many more communication and online digital tools have become a common go-to tool to ensure communication is maintained between teams.

Furthermore, in HR departments we have seen an improvement to HR software allowing direct communication with organisational employees. Likewise, EmployeeConnects HR software has allowed for many HR professionals to send messages to one another, make notice board announcements and further conduct really constructive surveys to ensure communication is well maintained throughout the entire organisation.


If you need a HR software to not only increase your HR departments communication throughout the entire organisation but also improve employee engagement, workplace collaboration, employee onboarding and many more tools and benefits sign up for an EmployeeConnect demo.

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