26 Self Evaluation Phrases for Your Employee Performance Review
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26 Self Evaluation Phrases for Your Employee Performance Review

During the annual performance appraisal, self evaluation forms a crucial part, because it coomunicates to the manager or the supervisor how well an employee perceives their performance review within the organisation.

While the objective of self evaluation is to ensure that the employee and the management are on the same page, a lot of employees view this as a scope to blow their own trumpet and go overboard at times. A good personal evaluation is one in which you are able to highlight your positives but mention your points of weakness too in a manner which projects your willingness to work upon improving them for professional growth. Your style of writing a self assessment should be believable.

A common trend amongst individuals is to leave it till the last day to fill in the self evaluation. The outcome is towards the fag end when they are pressed for time, they can’t seem to figure out what to write.

To save yourself from this kind of last minute hassle, you should maintain a record of your activities throughout the year. You must also understand that your language needs to be honest and should not sound either self deprecating or too arrogant. Hence, you must learn to use appropriate self evaluation template for your employee performance review.

This will help your manager to evaluate better and can help you earn that coveted promotion that you wished to achieve for your professional development. In order to help you project yourself well during the self evaluation phase, here are some handy example of a self evaluation phrases which you may use.

Self Evaluation Examples with a Positive Tone

• I am quite reliable and regular at work with a great attendance track record.

• I have been time and again appreciated by the clients and managers alike for my excellent time management abilities.

• I understand the significance of time and respect others’ time. I always try and schedule meetings in accordance with the schedules of my clients, colleagues, team members as far as feasible.

• I always try and maintain a cool and neutral demeanor during challenging times, and attempt to motivate my team mates to keep up their level of enthusiasm during such times.

• I strive to remain cheerful and positive most of the times at work.

• I have been appreciated by my managers and supervisors for my ability to connect instantaneously with new team members and colleagues, and make them feel comfortable in the new environment.

• I try and maintain great client relations through effective communication techniques which is one of my core strengths as well.

• I ensure to maintain a smooth flow of communication from the colleagues to the management and vice versa.

• I strive to add creativity to all my projects, so that I can make them more interesting and accomplish the work on time with enthusiasm.

• I have often offered out-of-the-box solutions in my project which have been successfully implemented and appreciated.

• I have the track record of maintaining a good sales record for the company. Apart from this, I have also successfully maintained positive relations with our clients. This has contributed to an increase in the number of referrals we have received during last year.

• I manage to keep my clients happy and satisfied by addressing their issues and providing instant solutions (whenever possible) to the same.

• I am able to keep my calm even when faced with negative customer feedback, with the intent to resolve the pertinent issues.

• I use my communication skills with clients by keenly listening to them, and retaining the information. This serves as valuable feedback for our company in terms of customer satisfaction and performance.



Self Evaluation Phrases Highlighting Your Areas of Improvement

• I understand that because I remain intensely focused on the task at hand, I may appear to be blunt at times towards my colleagues. I am working towards it.

• I am aware that not all my colleagues may be comfortable with my style of communication. However, intent and focus is to get the job done, on time, with results without any intentional personal attack on anyone.

• I have been questioned by many regarding my style of working. However, I believe that I have been able to successfully deliver results despite working in a manner which is different from others.

• I am aware of the fact that time management is not one of my core strengths. However, I am consciously working towards it so that I am able to manage my time better.

• While I am quite comfortable in terms of written communication, but there is certainly scope for improvement in my verbal communication skills.

• I certainly understand that though I am able to complete projects within the stipulated deadline, it is not enough. I need to work on my soft skills to view the true progress in my job.

• I understand and realise the value of communication with the management as well as with my colleagues. I am working towards improving the same in order to avoid any instances of miscommunication.

• I have realized that I am more practical than creative as an individual. This trait of mine sometimes hinders me from offering innovative solutions during challenging situations. I am making a genuine effort to take positive risks in my job and consider offering creative solutions as and when I can.

• I realize that I rely a lot on group effort. However, I am working towards it to ensure that I am able to participate equally or even more than my team members.

• While I am good at delivering results on time, I sometimes delay the process of following up with my clients. I am working towards it so that I improve follow up activity with my clients.

• I feel I find myself a little uncomfortable while dealing with negative feedback from clients. I am sure that I will learn to handle such situations better with time.

• Customer relations may not be my strength, but despite that I have tried to keep the instances of negative feedback from the customers at a minimal.

You must understand that a good blend of positive and negative performance evaluation comments from your end will help you balance out your self evaluation and will appear to be credible in front of the performance management.

The management always looks out for individuals who are well grounded and understand their strengths and weaknesses within the organisation in long term. It appreciates individuals who are willing to take the initiative to implement necessary changes to cover up for their weaknesses. You may modify or use these phrases as guidelines while writing your self evaluation during the annual appraisal phase.

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Byron Conway

Content Coordinator at EmployeeConnect