Byron Conway
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Author: Byron Conway

    07 Aug
    How to Fail Your Way Forward Successfully

    It is a natural human tendency that whenever we think about success, we do not associate it with failure. However, the truth of the matter is that rarely any success is achieved without braving multiple failures along the way. History proves that the list of...

    coaching employees
    31 Jul
    A Guide to Coaching Employees in a Way That Works

    The work environment is continually getting tougher and more competitive around the world. In the midst of this, companies have found it useful to coach their employees to keep them productive and engaged. To understand how coaching helps corporations meet their employees’ emotional and creative...

    employee engagement
    23 Jul
    How to make Employee Engagement Work

    Job satisfaction is lower than it has ever been in the past two decades. Recent studies have shown this to be true all over the world. Human resource consulting firm, Willis Towers Watson posits that almost 70% of the modern workforce is psychologically disengaged from...

    18 Jul
    Everything You Need To Know About Motivation

    Motivation can be quite tricky to manage but very powerful once mastered. It may be really easy to be motivated at times, while you may find yourself nearly impossible to motivate yourself at time. This may even lead to a spiralling state of procrastination. This...

    sexual harassment
    17 Jul
    How HR Professionals Can Navigate #MeToo Movement

    As highlighted by the #MeToo Movement, sexual harassment cuts across all professional sectors. A lot of high-profile global companies have landed at the centre of some of the infamous sexual harassment cases. The #MeToo Movement has not only offered the survivors a platform to speak...

    influential leader
    16 Jul
    Become a More Persuasive and Influential Leader

    The human instinct is to follow an influential leader who has a clear vision and can articulate their goals with conviction. Passion and charisma can often be enough to catch people’s interest. But no matter how beautifully you explain your strategies or how compelling your...

    HRIS selection
    11 Jul
    The Six Most Common HRIS Mistakes

    In today’s corporate/business world, one of the most common and highly significant tools is the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software. With the help of an effective HRIS software you can lower your administrative burden, drive productivity gains, increase efficiencies, improve employee retention rates, and...

    strategic HR
    10 Jul
    How Strategic HR Drives Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation, when implemented in the right perspective, can positively impact every aspect of your business. This includes attracting and retaining top talent, to improving the customer experience, and to facilitating employees to perform actions to streamline operations. To achieve these outcomes, the most crucial...

    strategic alignment
    04 Mar
    Strategic Alignment: HR and Company Business Goals working as one

    When the employees of an organisation clearly understand the direction their company is taking and are excited about it, the profit margin of that company is twice as likely to exceed the median, according to research. The onus lies with the HR department to steer a...

    thinking pattern
    07 Nov
    How to Change Destructive Thinking Patterns

    It can indeed be challenging to focus on anything good when bad things keep taking place in your life. However, the good part is that it is possible to train your mind to focus only on the positive things in your life, instead of pondering...