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Top 8 Fun Brain Games for Adults

An essential skill any employee throughout 2022 will constantly be aiming to improve is their thinking skill.  Interestingly, thinking skills may be improved through playing brain games for adults that can help develop, train and enhance the skill.

To be more specific, thinking skills encompass the wide range of creative thinking, critical thinking, analytical thinking and strategic thinking skills that work together to allow employees at work to best formulate solutions to problems and issues faced within the business.

In 2022 it was noted that recruiters will be found to look for individuals with strong thinking skills that can handle a combination of unforeseen circumstances; likewise, critical thinking in the coming years will be a key priority to handling future difficult situations.

In this blog, we discuss the best quick brain games for adults that help with problem solving you can easily access and play to effectively work on improving your thinking skills for work.


Chess is an extremely games to improve logical reasoning that will allow you to improve your thinking skills for work. Specifically, chess is a game whereby two players will utilise special pieces on a board with specific movements to strategically defeat each other. Chess stimulates your brain to think outside the box. This is done whereby you have to make extremely strategic problem-solving choices on what you should do in an ever-changing scenario.

Chess works to enhance thinking skills through effective memorisation of moves and recalling what tools you have learned to help you pull out strategies that could be utilised in previously played situations. Chess further encourages and actively challenges the right side of the brain which is responsible for promoting creativity which is important for all to be continually utilising.

Price: FREE – Download the app for mobile or play on your computer!

Among Us

Among Us is an extremely unique yet strong reasoning games for adults. Among Us is a strategic thinking game that is commonly played with a group of around six to ten people. Within the game there are assigned roles of crewmates and imposters. Imposters are given the role of eliminating crewmates, this is done through strategically eliminating a crewmate whilst avoiding being caught and seen by other crewmates. Imposters will win by eliminating all crewmates before crewmate tasks are completed otherwise, they automatically will lose.

On the other hand, crewmates work together, completing tasks and further solving who the unknown imposters are by observing movements, patterns, and catching the imposter for failed hidden eliminations. Crewmates win by eliminating all imposters or completing tasks within the game. When a crewmate finds another eliminated crewmate, they can call a discussion in which all players try to figure out who the imposter is. In short, Among Us causes individuals to use extreme strategic thinking in order to effectively persuade other individuals whilst either figure out who the imposters are or eliminating all crewmates secretly.

Price: FREE (Free only on Mobile) – Download the Among Us app for mobile!


Lumosity is a great game that aims to effectively sharpen and improve a wide variety of thinking skills. Known as the number one brain training app, Lumosity is designed to increase memory, focus and a variety of brain functionalities through daily game exercises. Specifically, Lumosity has been programmed to adapt to your own unique strengths and weaknesses, tailoring recommendations to improve your skills based on your own brain level requirements.

Within Lumosity consists a group of tailored mini games to sharpen the skills you use every day, which will include memory and concentration, attention, flexibility, processing speed and problem-solving skills. Moreover, this aligns with the improvement of a variety of thinking skills as the minigames aim to enrich your mind with content to assure you are able to strengthen and train a variety of thinking skills important to you.

Price: FREE – Download the Lumosity app for mobile!


CogniFit brain fitness is one of the best critical thinking games that can effectively help you improve and develop your thinking skills. Similar to Lumosity, CogniFit offers a wide variety of games and activities that help to strengthen and build your thinking skills through personalised daily training. Moreover, CogniFit has been known as one of the leading interactive mental game apps that can increase cognitive functionality dramatically.

CogniFit has been designed to ensure that even with just a few games and activities in a matter of minutes a day, you can track your progress and be assured that your desired cognitive skills, thinking skills and brain activity will improve dramatically.  Moreover, within CogniFit you may set personal goals and track these goals, aiming to push you to effectively develop your skills through brain training programs aimed to encourage you to achieve the results you want.

Price: FREE – Download the CogniFit app for mobile!


2048 is a classic and amazing game to effectively increase your thinking skills for work. 2048 is a single-player puzzle game that involves the player sliding tiles to generate larger numbers. Starting at two tiles players will continue to combine numbers (for example 2 + 2 = 4) Until they effectively create the tile 2048. The player will lose the game when all the tiles have filled the grid and the player can no longer make a combination through movement.

2048 significantly encourages players to utilise strategic thinking skills to identify the best way in which they should move a tile to encourage long term success in generating the number 2048. To make the game even more intense and continue to enhance your thinking skills, consider setting a time limit to attaining 2048 and slowly improve your time more and more.

Price: FREE – Download the 2048 app for mobile or play on your computer!


Limbo is a beautifully crafted puzzle game that can effectively help you enhance your thinking skills. Limbo isn’t a game for the faint hearted although it is amazing in giving players a wide variety of strategic thinking opportunities through the puzzles built inside of the game. Limbo is a game where you play as an unnamed boy who travels his way through unique puzzles in a dangerous environment in search of his sister.

The game is built around trial and error, effectively learning from past mistakes, thinking of improvements and finding a variety of ways in which the player can progress. The game is presented in an eerie atmosphere closely feeling like a horror game, although not overly frightening. If you enjoy playing games that are well built and help to encourage strategic thinking skills, consider giving Limbo a turn.

Price: $5.99 (On mobile) – Download the Limbo app on mobile or play on all other gaming platforms!

Picnic Penguin

Picnic Penguin is a great game to effectively help improve your thinking skills. Picnic Penguin involves players guiding a penguin across a stage who has the goal of pushing treats onto a picnic blanket. Although the level involves strategic thinking in which you must solve how to get the treats onto the blanket without being beaten by monsters or trapping your snack into a corner unable to move which means a reset onto the level.

Picnic Penguin is an extremely enjoyable game to play in your spare time to effectively enhance your thinking skills. Moreover, throughout the different levels you will find new mechanics that will mean a new thinking pattern should be utilised throughout the level. Further, to get the most use out of the game consider trying to complete levels in the shortest number of moves.

Price: FREE – Download the Picnic Penguin app for mobile!


Superliminal is a well-developed game that can effectively enhance your thinking skills. The game involves a player completing a storyline whereby they undergo a variety of puzzles that are completed in a first-person perspective, with the incorporation of unique gameplay elements. This notably includes the usage of optical illusions that can change in different perspectives to enable players to solve puzzles to complete the game.

Superliminal is extremely unique although this is the only game on the list that isn’t available on mobile. The game is available to play on your Computer, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. So, if you are hoping to give this game a go, you will need to play this with some free time at home on any of the mentioned platforms.

Price: $28.95 (On Computer – Steam) – Play Superliminal on your Computer, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch


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