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Author: Jake Amodeo

    HR Software Australia
    14 Apr
    What to Look for in a HR Software Solution

    Whether it be looking into HR Software Australia, HR Software America or even HR Software Worldwide it is extremely critical to know what to look for in your HR software solution. A great HR software will effectively consist of a variety of tools and capabilities...

    09 Apr
    Why HR Should Encourage Personal Days Off Work

    It is extremely critical in today’s ever-changing and unexpected business environment to ensure that through effective employee management Human Resources (HR) professionals are constantly encouraging personal days off work to employees. Specifically, a personal day off work is commonly utilised in cases of emergencies, moving...

    Motivational Quotes Sales
    07 Apr
    40 Best Motivational Quotes to Improve Sales

    It is essential to continually motivate and provide your sales teams with a consistent funnel of inspiration. One way that many managers, leaders, HR professionals and great sales talents provide motivation is through motivational quotes. Motivational sales quotes are a perfect way in which employees...

    Employee Survey
    26 Mar
    How to Improve Employee Survey Response Rates

    Surveys are an extremely critical tool utilised throughout employee engagement practices to effectively measure, capture and assess the overall health of an organisation. Specifically, data captured may show the current engagement, motivation and overall productivity levels of employees within an organisation. Human Resources (HR) departments will...

    24 Mar
    Best Games to Improve Your Thinking Skills for Work in 2021

    An essential skill any employee throughout 2021 will constantly be aiming to improve is their thinking skill.  Interestingly, thinking skills may be improved through playing games that can help develop, train and enhance the skill. To be more specific, thinking skills encompass the wide range of...

    Employee Relationship Management
    19 Mar
    The Best HR Employee Relationship Management Strategies

    Employee relationship management has become one of the most critical aspects of Human Resources (HR) management that has the potential to lead to organisational success. Specifically, employee relationship management involves HR professionals creating, pushing and maintaining a positive relationship with the business’s employees. There are a...

    Employee Experience
    17 Mar
    How to Create the Perfect Employee Experience

    In today’s work environment, it has become extremely important to ensure that management focuses on creating the perfect employee experience within an organisation. Particularly this emphasis of assuring perfect employee experience is often led by human resource management principles whereby, through improving employee experience it...

    Align Employees to Organization Objectives
    12 Mar
    How to Align Employees to Organization Objectives

    In today’s business environment for organizations to be extremely successful, it is particularly critical for management to ensure that the organization completely aligns with the organization’s objectives through to its employees. When organizations effectively align objectives to employees it could be found that the organisation...

    Employee Performance
    10 Mar
    7 Ways to Improve Employee Performance

    In today’s current business environment, Human Resource (HR) managers and organizational leaders have found great importance in ensuring that employee performance levels are always managed and kept at an all-time high. Employee performance has been seen to be critically important to the success of an...

    Multitasking Skills
    05 Mar
    How to Enhance Your Multitasking Skills

    Multitasking is extremely important in all aspects of life, although it is found to have a critical significance in the business environment today. When managing projects, meeting tight deadlines and further handling a variety of workplace tasks it is common to exhort your ability to...