Jake Amodeo, Author at EmployeeConnect HRIS
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Author: Jake Amodeo

    Workplace Communication
    30 Jun
    5 Ways to Strengthen Workplace Communication

    In the workplace ensuring that you strengthen your overall level of communication is extremely important. Whenever employees are communicating effectively it may be seen that employee engagement, satisfaction levels, business growth and further employee productivity are likely to increase. Many managers, team leaders and employees have...

    HR Reporting Software
    23 Jun
    How the Role of HR is Changing

    In today’s current business environment, it can be noticed that Human Resources roles are undergoing major change and transformation from the utilisation of modern-day HR reporting software to an increased strategic mindset and focus. Previously HR managers would often complete a wide range of tasks...

    HR Solutions
    16 Jun
    Recruitment in the Digital Now

    Technology has completely redefined and changed the way that we operate daily, and recruitment isn’t any exception being transformed with the addition of powerful HR solutions. Innovations in technology have completely reshaped how recruiters are able to interact throughout the entire hiring process. We have seen...

    Meditation in the workplace
    09 Jun
    The Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace

    The workplace can be extremely stressful, and action-packed, although many businesses have adopted meditation in the workplace to improve performance, relationships and employee health. Through meditating, many employees have been able to reduce personal levels of stress and focus on their own individual core health...

    Environmentally Sustainable Workplace
    02 Jun
    How to Promote an Environmentally Sustainable Workplace

    It has become extremely common to see that many companies are aiming for an environmentally sustainable workplace today. In the eyes of almost all stakeholders, environmental friendliness is of top concern and effectively bring only positivity to organisations. Likewise, it can be seen that customers have...

    Employee Engagement Survey
    26 May
    What Makes an Effective Employee Engagement Survey?

    Employee engagement surveys have become the most commonly utilised tool to effectively engage employees in the workplace. Many Human Resources (HR) leaders have become more conscious of the benefits that ensuring high levels of employee engagement brings, which has led to HR professionals utilising employee...

    Cloud HR software
    19 May
    Managing Employees through “the New Normal” of Work

    The business environment has completely been reshaped, employee management changed, and everyday thinking transformed. COVID-19 has completely changed the way that we work, and these changes are becoming more likely to be permanent. Many great business leaders have stated COVID-19 to be the greatest accelerator...

    Recruit - Talent - Budgets
    12 May
    How to Recruit Talent With a Small Budget

    It is often extremely difficult to find and recruit the right talent when working with small budgets. Often organisations and HR recruitment departments will need to think strategically, in order to effectively find the greatest method possible to recruit on tight budgets. Throughout this blog,...

    Reward and recognise
    05 May
    The Best Time to Reward and Recognise Employees

    It has become common practice to ensure employee engagement is well maintained, HR professionals and business managers will often reward and recognise employees for the hard work that they are involved in. When employees experience recognition and are shown appreciation, they are increasingly likely to...

    30 Apr
    The Best Qualities to have as a Team Player

    It is evident as a hard-working employee to want to become a strong team player that contributes high value to the organisation. Not only do employees seek to become great team players but also HR managers will be on the lookout to find great team...