Byron Conway
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Author: Byron Conway

    exit interview
    08 Sep
    Conducting an Exit Interview the Right Way

    Whenever an organisation tries to work towards employee retention, one of the things that it wishes to keenly understand from departing employees is: What could we have done to retain them? Exit interviews are purely conducted to meet this requirement. Exit interviews can go a...

    strategic HR
    07 Sep
    How Strategic HR Drives Innovation and Growth

    Strategic HR significantly contributes towards improving innovation within an organisation, especially in start up companies. This department can manage and nourish an organisation’s talent management as well as its culture, to help it become innovative while maintaining the reliability and the excellence of its regular...

    06 Sep
    Your Guide to the Topgrading Recruitment Process

    The ultimate goal for every recruiter is to place an eligible candidate in a position which proves to be a perfect match for both company & candidate. When you are looking for a candidate with high potential, who is likely to be a high performer, you...

    29 Aug
    Disagreeing with Feedback

    There's a common misconception that subtly lies within the psyche of employees, that all one can do when feedback is offered during the appraisal discussion is to say ‘thank you’  However, that is far from being the truth! There is no hard and fast rule...

    people metrics
    28 Aug
    How People Metrics Can Improve Business Performance

    There's a lot of buzz going around Big Data, but the question is,  can Big Data really help to enhance business performance? Leading organisations are utilising Big Data is to manage their employees better, as it helps them to understand the true needs of their...

    competency based learning
    18 Aug
    Your Guide to Competency Based Learning

    Competency based learning tends to break free from the age old classroom model, where students study the same subject at the same pace with a group of fellow students. Competency based learning takes a step forward by identifying specific skills or competencies and enables the...

    feedback tips
    16 Aug
    9 Tips for Giving Better Feedback

    Providing ratings as the sole element of a performance evaluation has become a thing of the past these days. The trend lead by big organisations like Accenture and Deloitte is a shift away from the traditional rank based appraisal system towards a more agile performance...

    14 Aug
    12 Signs That Strongly Suggest You’re a Micromanager

    Micromanagement takes place whenever a manager intends to exercise excessive control over the working process. Typical micromanagers delegate work and yet want to be closely involved with every minute aspect of the work done. This often leads to frustration and delays in work across the...

    sharing goals
    10 Aug
    Does Sharing Goals Help or Hurt You?

    Goal setting can be likened to lights as they illuminate and guide your path to success, clearly marking the various milestones on your journey. Setting goals entails making the optimum use of your resources and set the trail to the closest milestone with the best...

    great employee, employee good qualities, qualities of a good employee, attributes for a good employee, good employee qualities
    07 Aug
    20 Top Qualities that Determine a Great Employee

    While you are looking for high-potential, high-performing, good work ethic employees who are a good fit for your existing team members, you need to take a holistic approach to knowledge skills & attitude. Knowledge and Skills are certainly an asset, but they can be taught or bought. However, the same cannot...