Byron Conway
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Author: Byron Conway

    analytical people, hr analytics,people analytics,HR Software
    23 Apr
    How HR Software will Help with People Analytics

    Human Resource function has been under incredible pressure with the expectation of delivering a framework of actionable insights and, data analysis right across the organisation. The primary challenge is that they are under-resourced and subsequently under-invested in technology which could support this framework. As a...

    future hr trends
    15 Mar
    Future-Proof HR Trends and Strategies

    The human resources industry has been deeply reflecting on how issues regarding culture and performance need to be handled in the workplace. As an outcome of this awareness, huge shifts are expected in the way in which technology can be utilised to identify, engage, connect,...

    employee alignment
    23 Feb
    How to Align Employees with Your Company’s Mission

    While a lot of employees truly wish their company to succeed, the fact remains that these best intentions need to be properly aligned to connect them to your organisation's mission. If these best of intentions are not directed properly, all that remains is sheer noise which...

    AI Artificial Intelligence
    15 Feb
    Transforming HR using Artificial Intelligence,(AI)

    In today’s business ecosystem, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the HR function. There has been an influx of HR tools regarding applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve people issues in the workplace. In fact, organisations which are prompt in accepting and adapting to...

    business strategy
    09 Feb
    7 Business Strategies Every Leader Should Know

    While ‘business strategy’ may be a cool buzz word that people like to use nowadays, ‘strategy’ is one of the most misused or somewhat overused words in business. The reality is, the majority of people who use this term randomly, are not aware of what...

    Agile HR
    06 Feb
    What is Agile HR?

    In today's rapidly changing workplace, HR professionals are exploring the prospect of applying the Agile Methodologies to the people management processes. Since its inception in the year 2001 by a small group of software professionals, the agile software movement has emerged as one of the...

    employee experience
    29 Jan
    How HR Tech Can Empower Employee Experience

    Have you ever wondered what the impact of your HR technology purchase decision would be if it was more focused on the overall employee experience and less about fundamental HR processes and cost? Granted, performance management, recruiting, HR analytics and learning are the lucrative investments considered...

    employee engagement survey questions
    02 Jan
    10 Employee Engagement Survey Questions You Need To Know In 2022

    The Significance Of Employee Engagement Survey Questions Creating comprehensive employee engagement survey questions not always that easy. It involves a great deal of hard work, but the good news is that it isn’t unachievable. This article highlights the right kind of employee engagement survey questions that...

    importance of leadership ,coaching leadership ,democratic leadership style ,leadership and management , leadership journey
    11 Dec
    Mastering Your Leadership Journey

    Leadership like any other competency, demands varied skills and talents based on the context. Hence, it is imperative that leaders need to be highly aware individuals and also strive to learn to adapt and adjust themselves to their leadership journey. Irrespective of the time (be...

    employees valued
    07 Dec
    Creating a Culture Where Employees Feel Valued

    Everyone wishes to feel valued and embrace the belief that we are of value to others. Everyone can contribute towards creating a culture where all the participants feel appreciated for who they are and what they do. When employees are appreciated, it makes them feel...