Byron Conway
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Author: Byron Conway

    diversity and inclusion
    12 Jul
    The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

    Diversity and Inclusion has been on the priority list of smart organizations for quite some time. However, recently the need for its genuine inclusion has risen significantly owing to some very high profile incidents. For instance, the film industry has been reporting incidents of sexual...

    organisational culture
    06 Jul
    Guiding Principles for Building a Successful Organisational Culture

    What is Organisational Culture? The culture of an organisation depicts its basic personality with how its people work and interact. However, organisational culture is a complex and elusive entity which evolves in the midst of leadership, strategy and other circumstances. In other words, culture may be...

    Motivated, unmotivated employee
    03 Jul
    How to Manage Your Demotivated Employees

    Assumptions of any kind are always detrimental if you truly wish to seek a solution to a problem. It's often assumed that an unmotivated employee is lazy and labelled as 'bad hires'. This assumption is not always true. Even the best-hire eventually becomes disengaged & unmotivated...

    performance management trends
    30 Jun
    Game Changing Performance Management Trends

    Modern organisations have transitioned from their transactional & process-driven nature towards becoming more employee-centric. This exciting paradigm shift has prompted organisations to muster up the courage to try out new things and shake up their existing performance management systems. Listed below are a few performance management...

    personal development objectives
    19 Jun
    Personal Development Objectives

    One of the key drivers pertaining to employee engagement and organisational performance is personal development. In fact, there is a strong correlation between personal development and employee retention. Retaining employees is a major and ongoing concern for almost every employer. That is the reason why Personal...

    21 May
    Innovation Velocity: Lessons From Startups

    Digital first players which are mostly start-ups have a significant advantage with the speed at which they are able to innovate. But how do they innovate so fast? Is there anything that other organisations can learn from them and apply to their respective business? Most people...

    Why is Workplace Engagement Important?, people engagement ,workplace engagement ,Employee Engagement,
    14 May
    What drives Employee Engagement?

    Why is Workplace Engagement Important? The backbone of any business is employee engagement. It's a direct outcome of experience that thrives between the employee and the employer. The true foundation that lies behind employee engagement is trust, respect, and performance. Employee engagement is considered to be...

    employee experience-2
    07 May
    5 Things HR Can Do to Improve Employee Experience

    Experience is about a series of moments that go on to form negative, positive, or neutral memories. Each of these moments tends to leave a lasting impression on our minds, and they decide if our overall experience has been a good or a bad one....

    People Management in HR Technology
    30 Apr
    The Change Of People Management in HR Technology

    Every transformation carries along with it a story. In the world of technology, change is the only constant thing. People Management changes come in various forms. Be it the small and medium scale organisations shifting towards automation or large scale organisations migrating their legacy systems...