Byron Conway
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Author: Byron Conway

    interpersonal skills
    27 Mar
    10 Tips To Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

    When we list our skills on our CV, we always tend to focus on the core skills that we learnt from the various degrees, certifications, and diplomas. Quite often forget to jot down the core skills that we possess as an individual. One such core skill...

    What is a Learning Management System? (LMS)
    23 Mar
    What is a Learning Management System? (LMS)

    What is a learning management system ? A learning management system (LMS) is an amazing tool that creates, distributes, and tracks your online training programs effectively. It helps the entire administration of an educational course or training program deployed online. Key Features of a LMS A...

    Building Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
    22 Mar
    Building Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

    The standard approach that people tend to follow especially when they are under the gun, feeling stressed is to usually react with a decision which had worked previously. While this may work, however, there is a high probability of you getting stuck in a circle of...

    Communication Skills
    20 Mar
    The Power of Communication Skills

    One of the most important life skills to possess is to be able to communicate effectively. Strong communication skills the act of being able to transfer information from one place to another is termed as communication. This transfer of information may take place: By using...

    how does salary packaging work, salary packaging, advantage salary packaging, what is salary packaging, salary package
    16 Mar
    What is Salary Packaging and How Does it Work?

    What is salary packaging? Salary packaging or salary sacrifice is a mutual arrangement between you and your employer, where it is pre-decided that you will pay for some services or items directly from your pre-tax salary. For instance, you may salary package cars, computers, super funds,...

    Bad Work Habits
    15 Mar
    Bad Work Habits That Can Cost You Your Job

    Having bad work habits is not an abnormal thing! In fact, we all do have some bad habit or the other. Although having bad habits does not label a person on being 'terrible', it does reflect badly upon an individual when it comes to his...

    13 Mar
    10 Mindfulness Tips For All Employees

    In today’s techno-savvy working scenario where you have to juggle between replying to emails, attending phone calls, conference calls, meeting, and presentations, mindfulness at work is indeed a great challenge, because, in the midst of managing all these, you have your own work to attend...

    Job Interview tips
    06 Mar
    30 Tips To Prepare For Your Next Job Interview

    Preparing for a job interview takes a lot more than looking up for top interview questions on Google! Apart from your knowledge about the company and its products and services, your first impression carries a lot of weight, and it goes on to convey if you are...

    month of employee, nominated employee of the month,employee of the month award ,deep rock employee of the month,employee of the month template,Employee of the Month
    03 Mar
    How to Select an Employee of the Month

    Employee satisfaction and workplace happiness can be achieved by promoting recognition award such as the employee of the month every month to generate healthy competition and motivation and help build a culture of recognition among team members. It is also a meaningful way to show...

    applicant tracking system, applicant tracking systems, application tracking system
    02 Mar
    What is an Applicant Tracking System

    Software applications that enable employers to organise, manage, and electronically handle the entire hiring and recruitment processes are known as an Applicant Tracking System or ATS. These products provide a set of processes, a central applicant database, as well as collaboration tools that help employers...