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sharing goals

Does Sharing Goals Help or Hurt You?

Goal setting can be likened to lights as they illuminate and guide your path to success, clearly marking the various milestones on your journey. Setting goals entails making the optimum use of your resources and set the trail to the closest milestone with the best chances of reaching there successfully. One of the significant aspects of setting goals is sharing your goals or making your goals visible so that they can be verified openly in public. Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should share your goals and benefits of setting your own goals.

  1. Sharing Goals with Others makes you Accountable

The moment you share your goals with someone you automatically make yourself accountable towards that particular goal. For instance, if you share with a colleague that you intend to smash 120% of your sale target, it goes without saying that the next time you catch up, they will ask how your sales quota is coming along. The aspect of accountability helps to ensure that you stick to your goals. So, the moment you make others known about your goals, your overall involvement in that particular project is likely to be much higher.

  1. Goal Sharing Helps you Frame your Goals Clearly

Whenever you share your goals with others, you continue to modify them. The fact that every time you share your goal with someone, you are more than likely to derive something from that conversation and this trend continues for the subsequent number of times that you share your goals and eventually, your goal becomes much clear and takes a new form. The majority of our goals, in fact, tend to take shape during these discussions or conversations with people with whom we share them and every time they become more clear and structured.

  1. Sharing Goals Helps to Measure the Progress of Your Goals

It’s natural to have the urge to measure your progress towards your goal. You need to measure how much more you have to cover to achieve your goal. Measuring goals is more about metrics than about accountability. The information you derive from the measurement of your progress can be significant in many contexts. For instance, you may feel the need to set up a new goal or to evaluate the resources that you have used already. When you share your goals, measuring your progress becomes slightly easier. A simple example can be if you wish to give up smoking and share it with your friends or peers, you can ask them to cheer for you every day that you do not smoke. This will help you to measure your progress.

  1. Shared Goals In a Team Helps You Stay Motivated

When you share your goals with others, apart from increasing your accountability, you get a sense of excitement and motivation towards hitting that goal. Motivation comes in various forms; however, it should act as a means of enhancing your will power to stick to it, rather than being totally dependent on it.

  1. Sharing Goals Helps You Connect with Like Minded People

When you share your goals with like minded individuals, it helps you extend your social circle. Unlike the competition, building connection is always better to advance towards your goals. Every small action of yours such as sharing details, updates, etc. regarding your goal helps you stay connected with people. While sharing your goals can assist you in reaching towards them. However, you must maintain a limit beyond which you should not trespass.


Byron Conway

Content Coordinator at EmployeeConnect