Byron Conway
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Author: Byron Conway

    goal setting
    17 May
    Guiding Principles for Developing and Setting Employee Performance Goals

    Every organisation aims to achieve its business objectives through efficient and intelligent utilisation of its workforce. This would be a relatively simple exercise if every employee was aligned and understood the strategic goals of the organisation and also, clearly understood what exactly they need to do...

    engaged employee
    15 May
    The Competitive Advantage of An Engaged Employee

    If you asked a group of CEOs 'what's your competitive advantage?', some will say building a superior quality product, while others may promote their robust business model. The majority though, are likely to say that their people are their advantage.  Now, this may sound like...

    difficult conversation
    11 May
    How To Have Difficult Conversations – Tips

    We've all been in situations where we try to put those difficult conversations on the back burner. You know you need to have this difficult conversation and do everything you can to avoid it. Perhaps you a worried that if you do engage, you will make the situation even worse. One...

    12 Factors to Ensure an Effective Recruitment System
    05 May
    12 Factors to Ensure an Effective Recruitment System

    Every business or corporation needs a smart team who can successfully find and deploy the best talents in the industry by building an effective recruitment system. Today’s modern technologies and up-to-date strategies have not only made the recruitment world more interesting and appealing, they’ve also...

    What is Employee Value Proposition (Examples)
    03 May
    Create a great Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – Examples

    Try to visualise a situation where you have to sell jobs for your organisation to individuals who have a lot of lucrative job opportunities in hand. In such a situation, what would you sell the job for or would you be able to attract the...

    cascading goals
    27 Apr
    How Cascading Goals Impact Employee Performance

    It has been observed that  employee performance appraisals are usually conducted without much thought for the business goals or needs. When goals are misaligned and not clear, it may limit both individual performance, as well as organisational performance, resulting in reduced engagement levels. Rarely do organisations cascade goals from the...

    Performance Appraisal Guiding Principles
    26 Apr
    Performance Appraisal Guiding Principles.

    Performance appraisal is a topic which every organisation whether it is private or public speaks about a lot, yet it is a topic which makes managers and supervisors pull their hair apart and employees on the other hand experience a range of feelings such as fear...

    How to Identify and Manage Employee Burnout
    25 Apr
    How to Identify and Manage Employee Burnout in Your Workplace

    What is Employee Burnout Employee burnout is an important issue which is still not being spoken about or dealt with enough. Despite the media making claims frequently that the job market is improving, they type of jobs that are coming up are still leaving people in...

    Top Tips For Reference Check Questions
    24 Apr
    Top Tips For Reference Check Questions

    The process of verifying the professional background information of a potential employee based on the candidate’s professional and personal references prevents or limits the risk of hiring an incorrect individual for an organisation. By speaking to the references, you have the scope to gather more...

    Reflective Practice for Career and Personal Development
    17 Apr
    Reflective Practice for Career and Personal Development

    What is Reflective Practice? The simplest definition of Reflective practice is reflecting or thinking about your actions. It is similar to the concept of learning from one’s experience, where one reflects on what he or she did, what happened, and take a decision in future based...