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future hr trends

15 Mar Future-Proof HR Trends and Strategies

The human resources industry has been deeply reflecting on how issues regarding culture and performance need to be handled in the workplace. As an outcome of this awareness, huge shifts are expected in the way in which technology can be utilised to identify, engage, connect,...
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08 Jul The Future of Employee Engagement Automation

Modern organisations are evolving into smart organisations.  The term “Smart organisation” is used to describe an organisation that is interconnected, dynamically adaptive, knowledge-based and responsive to change.  Let’s breakdown the definition.  Interconnected: They deploy the best communication practices and promote collaborative work culture. Dynamically adaptive:...
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28 Sep 10 Critical Recruitment Process Steps

    The recruitment or hiring process which is a significant process for every organisation is in fact an organisation-specific model that is utilised for sourcing the right candidates and hiring them. Generally speaking the onus of the recruitment process lies with the Human Resources...
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15 Sep The Power of HR-Payroll Integration with EmployeeConnect

Incorporating a robust HR system alongside a compliant payroll system and leveraging EmployeeConnect’s exceptional customer service can significantly enhance your organisation’s compliance assurance. When these two critical components work in harmony, they become a formidable force against regulatory pitfalls. EmployeeConnect’s experts ensure that your systems...
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06 Jun Fostering a Culture of Ongoing Feedback In Your Organisation

Feedback plays a crucial role in enhancing organisational productivity. In the traditional approach, feedback was typically reserved for annual performance reviews, which have proven to be ineffective in managing employee performance. Delayed identification of performance issues during annual reviews can hinder timely improvement and result...
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