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Workforce Management Software

Optimise efficiency with cloud-based workforce management

•  Agile Staff Appraisals & Reviews Online


•  Boost Productivity and Improve Employee Engagement Online




-Centrally manage your workforce 

A all-on-one platform designed for both employees and managers. Bring onboarding, rostering, timesheets and payroll together in one seamless solution.​



-Save time on paperwork and ensure compliance

Our HRIS technology let you leverage workflow & rule driven processes to enforce and automate your policies, best practices and legislative obligations. Introduce clarity and transparency, with the ability to trace back processes with financial & operational impact, back to the source document with a few clicks.



-Ensure satisfaction and development to built a better team workplace

Connecting your people is just the beginning. We’ll help you future proof that reviewing, and evaluating your employee has never been easier.

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Everything you need to build a world class workforce

Cloudbased or onsite, best practice HR processes with with flexibility & control in your hands