Matthew Dedes thought leadership
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Author: Matthew Dedes

    07 Dec
    Navigating Your Career: The Role of Leadership in the Workplace

    In the contemporary workplace, the role of leadership stands as an indispensable force shaping not only the trajectory of individual careers but also the collective success of organisations. Leadership, far beyond being confined to hierarchical positions, has emerged as the cornerstone of a thriving...

    06 Dec
    A Mentally Healthy Workplace: A Blueprint for Employee Well-being

    Success is often measured in terms of productivity and profitability, the spotlight is increasingly turning towards an often overlooked aspect – the mental well-being of employees. The realisation that a healthy workplace is not just about meeting targets but also nurturing the minds and...

    30 Nov
    Navigating the Future: The Triad of Governance, Risk Management, and Audit in 2023

      In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the trifecta of Governance, Risk Management, and Audit has emerged as the cornerstone for organisational success in 2023. As businesses navigate through uncertainties, unprecedented challenges, and a rapidly changing global economy, the significance of these three pillars has...

    22 Nov
    Peer-to-peer recognition: Why it’s crucial in 2023.

    In the realm of employee retention, it's crucial to recognise not only the accolades from our direct superiors but equally the commendations from our peers. Colleagues, navigating through similar challenges, possess a unique insight into when expressions of gratitude are truly warranted and appreciated. Elevating...

    21 Nov
    HR Leadership: A Fresh Perspective on Shaping Organisational Success

    In the corporate landscape where the mantra of 'People First' echoes among CEOs, a noticeable gap persists in recognising the pivotal role of HR professionals at the executive level. Despite the prevalent buzz around 'human capital' and 'performance,' only a handful of business leaders...

    16 Nov
    The Comprehensive Benefits of a Managed Payroll System

    In the dynamic landscape of business operations, where efficiency and accuracy are paramount, organisations are increasingly turning to managed payroll systems to streamline their financial processes. The traditional approach of handling payroll in-house is gradually being replaced by outsourced, technology-driven solutions. In this blog post,...

    09 Nov
    Employee Self-Service: Empowering Workplaces for Greater Efficiency

    Human Resource (HR) managers face an ongoing challenge: enhancing efficiency while ensuring better employee services. The critical role of HR reform often goes unnoticed, despite its pivotal impact on businesses. With overloaded HR departments, a solution lies in an employee-centric approach, empowering employees to...

    08 Nov
    Redefining Compensation: Cultivating Success Through Progressive Remuneration Strategies

    Financial hardships can significantly impede the productivity and overall morale of employees, directly impacting a business's success. However, this issue can be effectively addressed by implementing forward-thinking and competitive remuneration strategies. Unfamiliar with the concept? Let's explore and broaden the perspective. What Exactly Is Remuneration? It's a...